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Adelaide the Wine Capital: Reasons to Visit the City

Vineyard in Barossa

Congratulations to Adelaide, Australia as they were recently invited to join the Great Wine Capitals Global Network. They became the ninth member to join behind Bordeaux, Bilbao/Rioja, Mendoza, Mainz/Rheinhessen, Cape Town/Cape Winelands, Valparaiso/Casablanca Valley, Porto, and San Francisco/Napa Valley. So what exactly is it about Adelaide and the surrounding area that’s so fantastic? Check out the following reasons you may want to consider packing your bags and taking a little trip.

Close Proximity to Wine Regions
Adelaide, which is set in South Australia, is only a short drive to a multitude of different wine regions including Adelaide Hills, Langhorne Creek, Barossa Valley, and more. It’s like experiencing a variety of different wine worlds all from one centralized location.

Numerous Wineries to Explore
There are many, many wineries that are just a short distance from Adelaide. From Sinclair’s Gully and Murdoch Hill to Angas Plains Estate and Lou Miranda Estate, you could easily hop from one winery to another without going very far in between. Did we mention all the beauty that you’ll get to see along the way?

You’ll Experience Beautiful Scenery
Adelaide is beautiful as are the surrounding areas, so not only are you going to experience fantastic wines but you’ll also get to do so in an incredible environment. There’s something so calming about being in the midst of gorgeous surroundings, and it’s even better when it involves getting out of your usual routine, area, and day-to-day responsibilities. It’s a chance to breathe, relax, and take in all the lovely views.

You’ll Get to Taste New Wines
With so many fabulous wines in and around Adelaide, there’s a good chance that there are some you have yet to try. While you’re on your trip, you can taste test as many as you desire and you may even be able to find a new favorite.

It’s a Chance to Learn Some History
There’s a substantial amount of history that you can learn about while you’re visiting Adelaide and the rest of Australia. For example, Yalumba, which is the oldest family-owned winery in Australia, is only about an hour from Adelaide. They were founded all the way back in 1849. You’ll learn so much on your trip, not just about the wineries, but about Australia in general.

Adelaide is in the Southern Hemisphere
What exactly does that have to do with anything? If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is from late December to late March, but in Adelaide in the Southern Hemisphere, their summer is from December to February. Instead of being bundled in a giant coat and shivering through snow, you could be wearing shorts and a tank top while going from one winery to the next. Regardless of the season you want to go, it’s never a bad time to visit a winery.

As if the aforementioned weren’t enough reasons to head to Adelaide, there’s also the beaches and delicious food to consider as well as a variety of other aspects. There’s so much to see and do that it’s easy to find something to keep you busy every waking hour that you’re visiting. It’s sure to be an incredible experience and one that you’ll always remember.