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vine vera banner presents Discover Gustav Klimt's Art Around Vienna, Austria

Discover Gustav Klimt’s Art Around Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a gorgeous cultural powerhouse of a city that easily takes your breath away. The artistic contributions to this world (for starters), including by Gustav Klimt, that have come out of Vienna are incredible. Born in 1862, Klimt became the first president of the Vienna Secession in 1897 in addition to being one of the founding members. In modern day, his works have sold for millions of dollars. If you’re interested in planning a trip to the city as well as learning more about the famous artist’s work, the following are some tips for how you can go about it.

View the Works Online
Whether you feel you’re already extremely familiar with Klimt’s works or you don’t know much about it, in preparation for your trip to Austria, take a look online at as many as possible. If you come across a work that truly captures your interest, one that you may not have even realized existed, your trip may be the perfect opportunity to see it in person depending on where the art is located. Doing your research will also give you a little backstory about the pieces that are of interest to you.

Visit the Belvedere
If you’re a fan of the oil paintings of Klimt, there’s no better place to see them than at the Belvedere where they have the world’s largest collection. It’s here that you can see The Kiss, his 1908 masterpiece that you certainly don’t want to miss seeing in person; it’s an experience in-and-of-itself. In addition to The Kiss, it’s at the Belvedere where you’ll find another 23 oil paintings from Klimt which are on permanent display.

vine vera banner presents Discover Gustav Klimt's Art Around Vienna, Austria

Visit the Wien Museum
Should you desire to see the drawings of Klimt, the world’s biggest collection is found at the Wien Museum in Vienna. You’ll find more than 400 of his drawings as well as his painting, Portrait of Emilie Flöge. Flöge is often referred to as Klimt’s life companion. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see some of his breathtaking drawings as well as the portrait of someone who was so important to him throughout his life.

Plan Your Tour
There are numerous other places across Vienna where you can see Klimt’s art including at the Burgtheater, at The Secession Building, and at the Leopold Museum, so once you discover the works of art you really want to see, or you just decide to go for it and see as many as possible, start planning your Klimt art tour around Vienna. Not only will you get to see the gorgeous city but you’ll also see some exquisite art in the process.

Stop by the Klimt Villa
The Klimt Villa, which is located in Vienna, was once a single-level cottage where Klimt had his atelier between 1911 and 1918. Although the house was renovated in 1923, his atelier is a permanent exhibition that you can visit.

Now that you know a little more about where to find Klimt’s art throughout Vienna and how to go about seeing it, all that’s left for you to do is get planning and to have a wonderful time!