Garden City

Garden City, New York 
Garden City lies just east of Queens in Long Island, New York, but visitors could be forgiven for forgetting they’re less than 30 miles from the glorious madness of Midtown Manhattan. The appearance and sensibilities of a quiet village in such proximity to America’s largest metropolis makes Garden City a one-of-a-kind attraction for some of the country’s best, brightest, and wealthiest, and in the past, it has served as home to some of the highest ranking executives in publishing and other industries.

Garden City, New York

The effort to populate what is now Garden City began in the late 19th century, before New York City’s five boroughs had even officially joined together. Since 1874, the foundation and central locus of the village has been the Garden City Hotel. The structures that stand in this spot have been victim to fire, bankruptcy, and sale over the decades, but each iteration has arisen as a stately hotel attracting high-profile, high-powered, and high-class guests. Among them have been British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, members of the Kennedy family, and Charles Lindbergh, who stayed at the hotel before departing on his first transatlantic flight from Roosevelt Field.

Roosevelt Field itself plays a significant historical role in Garden City’s history, the starting point of many attempted flights across the Atlantic Ocean before Lindbergh’s successful journey to Paris in 1927. In a shift that is emblematic of the transition Garden City has made in the glamorous history of New York-area aristocracy, Roosevelt Field was remade as a high-class shopping mall in 1956. Today, the location hosts over 250 stores. It is the second largest mall in New York State and the ninth largest in the country. With bona fides like this, visitors can be assured of the highest quality and the greatest variety. Vine Vera Garden City aims to live up to this historic legacy and first-class promise with its Roosevelt Field store.

Moving westward back to Garden City’s village, one finds more luxury, shopping, and entertainment opportunities — a quieter, but equally decadent, getaway from the crush of Manhattan. Beautiful homes line the streets encircling the center of the village, where an impressive concentration of shopping and fine cuisine options is located. Italian cafes serve up velvety, black espresso, New York bagels tumble fresh out of bakery ovens, and German lagers pour from the taps of an old-style beerhall. Legendary Brooklyn pizzeria Grimaldi’s even keeps a restaurant here, allowing you to sample New York’s finest classic thin crust without the hours-long wait. Of course, Garden City offers other culinary options, formal or foreign, whether steak and salmon or wrapped in seaweed and rice. Meanwhile, luxury and specialty retailers offer up the finest in jewelry, fur attire, handbags, menswear, personal care, and electronics.

Amid this bonanza of top-notch shopping opportunities, a triad of beautiful golf clubs allow you to unwind on a large, placid green. Finally, next to Roosevelt Field in neighboring Uniondale, history and aviation buffs have the opportunity to visit the Cradle of Aviation Museum, located on the site of a former U.S. Air Force base.

Given that all of these upper-class options, situated in a village atmosphere, are offered within relative proximity to the financial and cultural capital of the world, it’s no wonder Garden City has long attracted some of the world’s most notable residents and guests.

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