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Jet Lag Cures – Vine Vera Reviews

If you travel by airplane a lot whether for work or play, the stress of it might be wreaking havoc on your skin. Under eye bags, chapped lips, and dehydrated skin will leave you with jet lagged skin. The air that is recirculated throughout the cabin on a plane is very drying, because it’s naturally low in humidity. It’s much lower than the air in your home. So it’s best to be prepared so that you look as fresh upon arrival as you do at takeoff. Vine Vera reviews the best solutions to prevent this unwanted travel related side effect.

Woman in a blue costume drinking water from a bottle.

Drink Lots of Water
It’s true that drinking your six, 8oz glasses of water a day will truly help your skin to look better. On a flight, you should even drink a little extra. Plus, it helps to stay away from the alcohol as well on your plane ride because that will really dehydrate you inside and out. So bring an empty BPA free water bottle on the plane, and ask the flight attendant to fill it up for you.

Blonde woman applying a moisturizer on her face while looking at herself in the mirror.

Use a Moisture Mask
If you can go without foundation for the duration of the flight, then you will be able to treat your skin better. You don’t have to forgo eye makeup if you don’t want to be completely makeup free in public. The night before your flight make sure you exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells so your skin is primed to receive the extra moisture you put on it. There are a number of travel friendly moisturizers that are perfect for a little in-flight treatment. Choosing the right one could truly rejuvenate the skin to leave  it looking plumpy and full of moisture. IT is exactly what you need to combat the dry cabin’s air. Plus you can apply a thick layer , leave it on as long as you like, and then just tissue off. The excess will just absorb right into your skin.

Blonde woman applying a hydrating lip balm on her lips.

Don’t Forget Your Lips
Your poor lips will need extra protection so they don’t get dry and flaky. Choose a lip balm that you can put a thick layer on your lips to completely soften and hydrate them. The formula should be all natural and free of parabens, and gluten. Look for something that is just a combination of nourishing oils, and also contains the antioxidant resveratrol which is found in red wine.

Woman applying some eye cream on her eye area.

Eyes Need Extra Love Too
During the flight, on takeoff and landing, pat a little bit of your favorite eye cream around your entire eye. It’s going to sooth any puffiness and dehydration in that area, making the lines around your eyes less noticeable. Plus it is lightweight enough to go right over your eye makeup without disturbing it.

With a little proper planning it’s possible to take care of your skin on a plane so that you look great when you get to your destination. Keep in mind that any beauty products you bring onto the plane have to follow the TSA standards, so everything must be in containers that are less than 3 ounces. Travel-friendly tubes and jars are perfect to options for your eye creams, face mask products, and other beauty essentials you are traveling with.