In just about no time at all, Miami has become one of the world’s premier cities. The Magic City was incorporated with a population under 2,000 in 1896. In 1950, there were close to 700,000 people living in the Miami Metropolitan Area. Today, there are almost 6 million. The city has not grown only in size — it has also earned a position of global importance culturally and economically. It is the undisputed home of the Cuban-American community. It is also home to a wide range of Spanish-language media giants, as well as Latin American headquarters for corporations as influential as Wal-Mart, Exxon, Disney, Kraft, Microsoft, and Visa. Highly recognizable brands, such as Burger King and Bacardi, are located in Miami, as well as several other major banks, media, and tech firms. A number of large, renowned colleges and universities add to the youth, diversity, and dynamism.

Miami, Florida, USA downtown skyline.

Miami’s leisure identity is nearly synonymous with relaxation in style. Indeed, while a great deal of the city’s growth has come from immigration, making it one of the most diverse and culturally vibrant cities in the world, it has likewise historically served as an irresistible attraction for residents from elsewhere in the United States. It’s telling that one early contributor to Miami’s growth was the so-called “Great Freeze” of 1894-1895. While temperatures went low enough in northern Florida to harm the orange harvest for years to come, Miami’s own climate remained lovely enough to maintain a profitable citrus yield, drawing in those who had been ruined by the northern frost. Thus, even northern Floridians have relocated to Miami for the weather, with its winter averages of 70˚F. Needless to say, sun and sand are year-round options.

All of that warm weather probably contributes to the city’s burgeoning and lively poetry, art, and fashion scenes. Several large music festivals are held in Miami annually. Theatre is alive and well. Miami fashion shows and the models themselves are magnets for global media attention and international talent. Opera, ballet, and orchestras coexist with global and local pop sensations, stalwarts, and legends. Music from the Caribbean, as well as distinctive styles of disco, hip-hop, and just about every other genre thump out of this lively, irrepressible metropolis, resulting in a sound and sensibility that can’t be duplicated.

Miami offers a perfect environment for lovers of nightclubs, sports, shopping, and adventurous, world-class cuisine. A number of major, professional, and storied sports franchises are based here. Dozens of malls, including the Dolphin Mall, The Falls, and the Dadeland Mall, where Vine Vera Miami is located, provide avid shoppers with a wide range of options. Not to mention distinctive Miami shopping districts like the Bayside Marketplace and Coconut Grove, for shopping and other entertainment right on the water.

Miami invites you to stop in and live lavishly, for a weekend or for a lifetime. There’s way too much here for anyone to get bored, and opportunities abound to explore the many different sides of Miami life, all beneath a tropical sun. It’s hard to top the infectious effervescence of Caribbean and Latino culture, bubbling out of an environment that is still so unmistakably American.

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    I wish you had a store in the Aventura mall in Miami.

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