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Most Popular Vacation Destinations of 2015

The world may be getting smaller with every passing day, but the number of extraordinary travel experiences waiting for you simply keep increasing. There may be nothing new to discover, after all, the internet has ensured that everything worth sharing has already been shared. But, visiting one of these top vacation destinations of 2015 promises an unforgettable holiday, one that is full of excitement, romance, mystery, unusual delights and exotic cuisines.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland
Zermatt was once known to be a remote farming village, but the spectacular natural beauty all around ensured that it soon turned into one of the top travel destinations that attracts more than 1.5 million tourists each year. Zermatt is a car-free zone that is always full of hikers, adventurers, climbers and nature lovers. It gives you direct access to the Matterhorn, whose perfect triangular shape makes it rank among the most photographed destinations in the world. The sunrise views that the Kirchstrasse Bridge has to offer are also known to be spectacular. Although Zermatt offers year-round skiing adventures, the perfect time to visit the village is during the Swiss Food Festival that takes place in the month of August.

Bahamas sign.

The Bahamian Riviera, Bahamas 
The Bahamian Riviera, located along the spectacular Cable Beach in Nassau, now features four beautiful hotels, 30 bars and restaurants, an 18-hole Jack Nicklaus golf course, a 2000 seater performing arts venue, a 100000 sq. ft. casino and 200000 sq. ft. convention space.  The Bahamian Riviera is the largest single-phase luxury resort project that has been undertaken in the Caribbean, and is currently famous as the most substantial development in the west. And with the place opening to the public in Spring 2015, now might just be the perfect time to visit the destination.

Corsica Island, France.

Corsica, France
Corsica, a Mediterranean island that has been integral to Italian history and is now a part of France, is fiercely proud of its own culture, including its rich Corsican tongue. Napoleon Bonaparte might have suffered from military defeat, but even 200 years after his defeat, his birthplace remains stubbornly independent. One of the biggest thrills of visiting Corsica is the countless treasures that can be found all along the coast. The La Maison Bonaparte is also known to be very popular among tourists. That said, if you’re looking to experience the true soul of Corsica, you need to go further inland. And since 40% of the island is covered by the Parc Naturel Regionale de Corse, hiking is one of the best things to do here. The ideal time to visit Corsica is between the months of May – June and September – October. Vine Vera also recommends you to sample that classic Corsican cheesecake, which can be found in bakeries all across the island.

Lighthouse in Faroe Islands.

Faroe Islands
The Faroe Islands offer spectacular natural beauty, irrespective of which time of the year you choose for your visit. The lucky ones who managed to visit the island on March 20, 2015 were treated to once-in-a-lifetime views of a full solar eclipse. You might have missed the eclipse, but you can still make it in time for the fascinating experience in store for travelers. The islands are just a short flight from the UK, but are still known to be entirely cut off from the rest of the world. The Faroe Islands have a timeless feel to them, and those dramatic fjords present nature’s beauty at its fascinating best.