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Our Favorite Business Travel Tips

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If you’re someone who travels on the regular for business, you know how hectic it can be. Anything you can do to make it easier is always a good thing, especially if it means more available time in your schedule, less rushing, and less money spent. Keep reading for some of our favorite business travel tips that could just come in handy for your next business trip.

Send Items Ahead of Time
Let’s say you have a whole slew of items that you need for a conference or a business meeting and you’d rather not carry them all onto the plane. Consider shipping them directly to the hotel. Call ahead of time and see what their rules are in regards to this and how you should go about it, but if you explain the situation, hotels typically won’t have a problem.

Pack Lightly
If you’re someone who wants to avoid checking their bags, then it’s important to make sure you don’t over-pack. In addition to toiletries, you’ll need dress shirts, pants, one or two jackets, casual wear, socks, underwear, and shoes, but you can also wear several of these items on the plane. For example, wear the suit with a pair of shoes while you’re traveling that you’ll also wear one day during your stay so it’s less you have to worry about packing.

Bring the Right Electronic Items
You’ll want to bring your cell phone charger, a couple of USB drives, international travel adapter, depending on where you’re going, and your laptop charger. Power banks could also be advantageous. Before you leave, make sure all your devices are fully charged so it’s one less worry on your mind.

Join Rewards Programs
Using the same airline, hotel, etc., every time you travel could mean big rewards in the form of upgrades, priority treatment, and a plethora of other benefits. If you’re someone who travels often, this could certainly work out in your favor. Make sure to sign up for the rewards programs if the respective companies offer them.

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Take Care of Yourself
Planes, trains, buses, hotels, airports, public restrooms, etc., aren’t exactly germfree, so it’s important that you frequently wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and practice other health precautions to prevent from getting sick. If you’re on a long flight, you’ll also want to make sure you stretch your legs and take a walk often up and down the aisle. Additionally, don’t fall into the habit of eating junk food simply because it’s easily accessible. Opt for healthier options to provide a boost to your immune system.

Consider Global Entry
Have you ever heard of Global Entry? If not, it might save you quite a bit of time. Basically, it’s a program offered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection that allows you to get pre-approved so you will have a more speedy process at the airport. If you fly frequently, this could easily change your whole flying experience.

So let’s hear it, frequent business travelers. What are your favorite business travel tips?