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Arcadia, California
Arcadia, California stands as one of the most prestigious residential localities in the Los Angeles area. Sitting northeast of downtown Los Angeles, Arcadia has long served as a high-end respite both for L.A. residents and visitors. Vine Vera Arcadia seeks to build on this city’s impressive credentials as a natural attraction for discerning and health-conscious shoppers and travelers.

Santa Anita

Since Arcadia’s incorporation as a town in the early 1900s, the area has offered a bounty of natural beauty to the L.A. area. The city borders the sprawling Angeles National Forest, which also keeps its headquarters in Arcadia. Arcadia is home to the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden, a major regional attraction displaying plants from California and around the world. It’s no coincidence that the Arboretum, long known as “the fairy spot of the Valley,” was also the first likely site of human settlement in the area by the Tongva Native Americans. Its abundance of pristine water sources and wildlife made for an irresistible stopping point and indispensable resource in what could be an arid and inhospitable environment. The centrality of these lush, verdant surroundings continues into recent history — in 2013, Katy Perry filmed a video with a jungle setting right inside the Arboretum.

For much of its history, Arcadia has been a regional luxury destination. The nearby San Gabriel Mission, established by Spanish monks in the late 18th century, led to the construction of the Rancho Santa Anita. Rancho Santa Anita laid the foundation for later development in Arcadia, which accelerated after an 1885 purchase by the visionary and industrious Elias Jackson “Lucky” Baldwin. Baldwin built The Oakwood Hotel and Santa Anita Racetrack in what is now Arcadia, ensured the granting of its first liquor license, and established a winery. Clearly, the city’s reputation for high-class luxury stretches back even to its earliest days.

As a stop on Route 66, Arcadia played a significant role in U.S. automotive and travel history. The original precursor to the McDonald’s restaurant chain was established in 1937 as “The Airdrome,” before moving to nearby San Bernardino in 1940, where it took on its world-famous title.

Vine Vera store in Santa Anita

Arcadia is still home to its historic racetrack, which sits just north of another major attraction — the Westfield Santa Anita Mall. The Mall contains almost 300 stores including a popular Vine Vera location offering a full suite of services and ranked high on visitors’ Arcadia to-do lists. Given Arcadia’s reputation as one of the most affluent communities in L.A. County, shoppers can rest assured that Westfield Santa Anita Mall provides one of America’s best and most consistent high-end shopping experiences.

Today, Vine Vera Arcadia aims to live up to the area’s history as L.A.’s major source of natural and manmade wealth. In a reflection of the city’s history as a natural oasis, a rest stop for travelers, and early contributor to the California wine industry, Vine Vera offers visitors the spa treatment. The store serves as a place to relax, sample skin products made from the red wine and grape derivative resveratrol, and learn about naturally maintaining skin health with help from a friendly, informed, and welcoming staff.

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