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The Vine Vera Holiday Destinations Guide – Part 1

There is never a right time to go on a holiday. Some might find navigating the chilly streets of Toronto to be an inhuman task during those winter months while others might delight themselves in the longest ice skating rink in the world. Some might prefer the idyllic beaches of the Caribbean while others might prefer the artistic wonders of Europe. This Vine Vera holiday destinations guide showcases some of the best and hottest destinations for each month in the calendar. The destinations have primarily been segregated according to the weather and we have tried to cut out travel ideas to cities that suffer from extremes, i.e., cities that suffer from very hot summers or extremely cold winters. Vine Vera Stores shall also be offering you with in-depth guides for many of the destinations featured in the Vine Vera Holiday Destinations Guide over the next few weeks. 

A red British telephone and post box in the snow in February.

Vine Vera Destinations for the Month of January

January, the first month in the calendar year, is an excellent month for shoppers because of the sale-shopping that comes up in various parts of the world. However, the poor weather conditions mean that January holidays usually tend to be restricted to winter sports and cultural delights.

Adventure lovers simply cannot miss out on the skiing opportunities offered by the Swiss Alps in the month of January. The destination isn’t crowded at this time of the year either.

January is an ideal time to visit Florence as well. Florence is usually cold and rainy in the month of January, but there are hardly any tourists in the city and visitors can have a blast in the various museums and also enjoy exciting discounts.

Those looking to get away from the cold can visit destinations like Africa, South America or Asia. Countries like Peru and Chile have a dry climate in January.

Unraveling the secrets of Vietnam and Laos are other options that you might want to explore.

If you’re looking for a paradise-like setting, the Maldives and Mali could be the ideal destinations for you.

Rare snowy day in Paris. Decorated Christmas tree and the Eiffel tower

Vine Vera Destinations for the Month of February

February is the time when people tend to rediscover their lost spirituality. It is an ideal time to visit spiritually guided destinations like North India, Goa and Marrakech. A trip to North India is particularly known to be fantastic.

Another destination that you might want to check out is the trendy South Beach delights of Miami.

February is also known to be an ideal time to visit Mexico City, a city that is best experienced when the temperature is cooler.

Adelaide offers its visitors with a beautiful mix of modern day city life, cultural delights, natural beauty and exciting hot spots and this Australian city is always best visited in the month of February. Australia is an ideal February destination for beach lovers as well.

If you’re looking for something closer to home, the skiing opportunities in Jackson Hole (USA) and Banff (Canada) are definitely going to be worth your while.

beautiful spring landscape with a blossoming tree and the river

Vine Vera Destinations for the Month of March

March is the time when your body is looking to grab some heat and get some relief from the chilly winter weathers. March usually offers temperatures that are neither too cold, nor too hot. The month is considered to be ideal for a beach holiday. Beach lovers would want to explore the beautiful shores of the Caribbean Islands in the month of March.

Another option worth exploring in the month of March is Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has the right temperature in March to help you enjoy a luxurious getaway.

Those looking for something else might want to explore the cultural heritage and idyllic beaches of Sri Lanka or Thailand. These destinations pretty much guarantee dry and sunny days.

A trip to Western India is also in the cards. March is an ideal time for cities like Mumbai. The climate is dry and cool and you are offered a number of opportunities to delight yourselves in the chaotic and brash Mumbai atmosphere.

People wanting to go to Europe cannot miss out on the breathtaking beauty of Venice.

If you’re still in the search for snow, destinations like Whistler, Canada and the Alps are ideal options.

And if you’re an outdoor and trekking enthusiast, Nepal is the best place to go to.


To find out more about the best holiday destinations for the rest of the year, look out for more updates from the Vine Vera Holiday Destinations Guide.