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The Vine Vera Holiday Destinations Guide – Part 3

The third installment of this Vine Vera Destinations Guide showcases some of the best destinations that you can explore in the months of July, August and September. The Vine Vera Destinations Guide unfolds the best and most popular travel destinations based on the climatic conditions of each destination so as to help you enjoy the ultimate experience in any given month.

Little girl with American flag laying on the grass in July

Vine Vera Destinations for the Month of July

One of the best places to visit in the month of July is Britain. You just cannot get enough of the stunning natural beauty that the destination has to offer. And you can also choose between all sorts of attractions and all types of accommodation options while in the country.

Reykjavik in Iceland is another destination worth thinking about. The long summers and bright nights make conditions for exploring the area and you might even come back with a beautiful tan. Yes, you might not be treated to the scenic Northern Lights, but Iceland has more than enough to keep you entertained for weeks.

Exploring the smaller Cyclades islands like Folegandros is also going to be worth your while. This picturesque island is famous because of its beautiful town, delightful scenery, secluded coves and romantic feel.

Corsica, also known as the Isle of Beauty, is another out-of-the-box destination to think about. It might only be 80kms wide and 180kms long, but it still boasts of exciting water sports, amazing resorts and Michelin starred restaurants.

Those wanting to get away from Europe would find the tropical beaches of Bali to offer them with the perfect escape. Another piece of paradise worth thinking about is the spiritual Seychelles.

For something closer to home, head over to the Vancouver Island – a rugged piece of paradise that offers excellent kayaking, deep-sea fishing and whale watching opportunities.

Surfer going through a wave in August

Vine Vera Destinations for the Month of August

August is the ideal time to think about visiting France. It might seem as if the entire country has come together in Cote d’Azur, but this destination is really going to be worth your while. Places like Sardinia and Ibiza along with their wild nightlife, natural beauty and unspoiled beaches are also going to be worth your while.

The Yucatan Peninsula along with the Mayan Riviera in Mexico is the next option to look at. This exciting area is home to some of the most famous archaeological wonders in the world and it is also home to beautiful beaches, scuba diving and snorkeling. An ideal trip for all adventure lovers.

Nature lovers and romantics cannot miss out on the charms offered by “God’s Own Country” Kerela. The houseboat rides in Kerala are likely to offer you with an unforgettable experience.

For something more cosmopolitan, why not head over to Cairo to explore its majestic churches, mosques and boulevards? History and culture lovers really need to give this destination a second look.

Mountain range and forrest in July is starting to change into lovely fall colors

Vine Vera Destinations for the Month of September

September is all about places like Beijing, Barcelona and Buenos Aires. Beijing is actually an architectural wonder which celebrates the autumn season in the month of September. This makes it an ideal time to explore the city and enjoy its breathtaking beauty. Barcelona is always going to ensure that you enjoy architectural jewels, exciting nightlife and traditional tapas while Buenos Aires is just preparing itself for winter,.

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Malta coupled with its scenic beaches make it an ideal destination to party your hearts out before having to force yourself into the winter slumber.

And for those looking for an extended summer break, Tunisia still has long and hot days to look forward to.

Other destinations to consider include New York, San Francisco and Maldives.