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vine vera banner presents Tips For Making Long Haul Travel More Comfortable

Tips For Making Long Haul Travel More Comfortable

Traveling can undoubtedly be an exciting experience, especially if you’re going somewhere that involves rest, relaxation, and leaving your worries behind, but getting to and from your destination can be a whole other type of experience. You might find yourself dealing with delays, inclement weather, screaming kids, arguing adults, accidental chair-kicking, hard seats, rude people (we’re looking at you guy-who-cuts-his-toenails-on-a-plane), and that’s just for starters. Being comfortable while you travel long distances can prove to be a challenge, but the following are some ideas that might help it to be a little bit better.

Bring a Travel Pillow and Eye Mask
A travel pillow is useful so you don’t have to rest your head and strain your neck in some awkward position and the eye mask is beneficial for keeping out lights and other distractions. As you can imagine, these are especially useful if you’re traveling at night and need to get some sleep.

Bring Noise Canceling Headphones
Whether you’re traveling day or night, noise canceling headphones are one of the best items you can have for long distances. Not only can they help you tune out random noises around you but also for avoiding the voices of those who are trying to strike up conversations with you when you just want to sleep or have time to yourself.

Wear Comfortable Clothing
There’s nothing good about wearing uncomfortable clothing when you’re traveling long distances. You can still look great in comfortable clothing, and you’ll be happy you went that route especially if you encounter travel delays along the way. Opt to wear layers, such as by wearing a tank top with a sweater over it, so you can adjust as needed.

vine vera banner presents Tips For Making Long Haul Travel More Comfortable

Avoid Certain Foods and Drinks
When you’re traveling long distances, you should avoid foods and drinks that are likely not going to have the best effect on you. For example, avoid meals that make you feel bloated and ones that are going to make you run to the bathroom. You do want to make sure to stay hydrated, however, so keep drinking water, and also opt for snacks, such as protein bars and almonds, to get you through your travel.

Pick your Playlist
When you have your movie and/or music playlist set and ready to go, you don’t have to worry about continuously flipping through a bunch of titles to find something you want to watch or listen to. Plan ahead of time and get it all set so it’s one less thing you have to think about during your trip.

Get a Window Seat
There are so many benefits to getting a window seat other than having a fantastic view. You can rest your head on the side, you won’t have people bumping into you as they walk past, they’re not stepping over you when they have to get up, and you won’t have the carts knocking into your elbows as they go past. Getting a window seat can be very much worth it.

Now that you have some ideas for how to make long travel a little more comfortable, all that’s left to do is book your next vacation adventure!