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Tips for Visiting Seattle

Seattle is one of those places that has such a vibrant energy you can’t help but feel connected to it. If you’re thinking of paying the city a visit, you’re in for a great time with plenty to see and do. Actually, your problem isn’t going to be finding activities to do, it’s going to be trying to narrow down your options. Need some suggestions? The following are some tips if you’re thinking of visiting Seattle.

Decide When to Visit
The summer tends to be the peak season for Seattle, so if it’s something you’re looking to try and avoid, you might want to consider waiting until after Labor Day to go. The weather has cooled down, the crowds have eased a bit, and there will still be plenty for you to see and do.

Consider a Helicopter Tour
There are several advantages to taking a helicopter tour over Seattle. It’s a great opportunity to get a gander at the beautiful city from above, it’s a dose of adventure, and you’ll be able to see several different areas of the city in less than an hour. You should also be able to get some fantastic pictures while you’re at it.

Get Some Coffee
It would be a shame to go to one of the best places in the country to get coffee and not have at least one cup. From Seattle Coffee Works to Victrola Coffee Roasters and several places in between, there are a plethora of spots where you can get a really good cup of coffee, do a little people watching, sit and relax, and maybe even pick up a pastry or two. By the way, if you’re a fan of cats and coffee, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Seattle Metropolitan. You’ll need reservations for the city’s first cat cafe.

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Visit the Pike Place Market
Your ordinary market this is not. The Pike Place Market has been in operation since 1907. It stretches out over 9-acres, and it’s here where you’ll find numerous fruits and vegetables, fresh bread, jewelry, books, and more. You certainly won’t leave here hungry, and it’s very likely you’ll find some gift items for yourself and others on your list. While you’re there, consider stopping over at the Market Theatre Gum Wall which is located under the market. It’s a rather interesting site.

Get Outdoors
If you love getting outdoors and enjoying nature, Seattle is a great place for you to go. From hiking to kayaking to cycling, there are plenty of options for getting out and enjoying the fresh air. Keep in mind, however, that weather will play a part in outdoor activities, so always check what the weather is usually like in Seattle during the time you’re planning on visiting.

Now that you have some ideas on what to see and do in Seattle, all you have to do is start making your plans. Consider making your reservations in advance if possible, especially for restaurants. This can help ensure that you have the opportunity to see and do what you want and have all your plans in place.