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Top Holiday Destinations for 30 Year Olds – Vine Vera Reviews

30 something travelers at the airportTraveling and exploring the world is one of the hottest trends that is set to continue for many more years. People all over the world love to travel, explore new cultures, check out new places and add more experiences to their belt. We often see thousands of travelers in their fifties and sixties as well as travelers in their twenties. But, travelers in their thirties and forties are a rare commodity. So what’s happening to the 30-something traveler?

The problem is that most of these travelers have outgrown those youth hostels and cannot afford something nice every single time. As a result, the frequency of travel reduces. Once people cross the age of 30, their tastes also become more refined and things like dancing on table tops and becoming a part of tours don’t interest them anymore. The 30s are a funny age, a transitional period where it becomes difficult to really find things you like. It’s an age when things like backpacker tours and luxury river cruises don’t excite the traveler anymore. Moreover, most 30-somethings are probably married, some have kids, many have a mortgage and most are really getting serious about their careers. This doesn’t leave any room for traveling. In this article, Vine Vera helps 30-something travelers answer one of their most frequently asked questions – “how do people in their 30s travel?”

Well, the answer to this question can be quite complicated, because the question itself is very tough. There are a number of operators who offer 30-somethings with mid-priced adventurous itineraries that are geared to their interests and help them venture towards off-the-beaten-path attractions. This can be a perfect place to start your 30-something travel.

The second option is to book your accommodations in one of those flashpacker hostels that are more expensive than traditional youth hostels, but are social establishments that offer a middle ground for travelers in their thirties.

It is also natural for 30-somethings to stick to the safer travel destinations like the US, Western Europe, the UK and friendly parts of Indonesia and Thailand. However, a number of new destinations across the Asian sub-continent, Central America, East Africa and South America are also opening up to travelers in their thirties. Moreover, you might have problems meeting a lot of people your age, but you can always chat up the locals who fit your particular demographic, particularly when you visit a city that is famous for its friendly people.

Finally, to answer your question about where to go to, some of the best countries that offer the most exciting travel experiences for 30-somethings include Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Croatia, Turkey, Portugal, Greece, England, Jamaica, Morocco, Ireland, India, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Nepal, Cambodia and Japan.

Are you a 30-something looking to travel? What are your travel hotspots? How do you end up meeting people your own age while traveling? Let Vine Vera know using the comments box below.