Toronto, Canada
Toronto is North America’s fourth metropolis, after Mexico City, New York, and L.A., and the primary metropolitan representative of Canadian culture among the continent’s and the world’s great cities.

Toronto stands high among the most diverse cities ever, measured by the percentage of foreign-born residents. Most accounts refer to it as the most diverse city in North America, lending a noticeable vibrancy and incredible contrast between neighborhoods.


Lake Ontario functions as the city’s focal point, with the CN Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere, planted near the shore. Beyond the sleek, modern downtown and financial district, Toronto resembles a harmonious hive of different ethnicities, age groups, occupations, and income levels with the hopping bars, cafes, and shopping districts to serve all of them.

The area has long been a busy hub of trade and transport activity due to its key position amid the Great Lakes and their various tributaries. In particular, the spot served as the Lake Ontario end of a portage route to Lake Simcoe and onto Georgian Bay in Lake Huron, linking travelers to the wider Great Lakes transportation system.

For Europeans, Toronto lay on the path from the American west, up the St. Lawrence River, through Montreal and Quebec or south to New England and onward to Europe. Canada’s early government relied on this trade route, coupled with rapid westward American expansion, for its long-term economic growth plans.

Toronto, a younger city and long the standard-bearer of British Canada, surpassed Montreal in size and economic importance gradually over the course of the twentieth century to become Canada’s urban national emblem and economic capital. This growth occurred as part of the steady expansion of banking and finance, media, and rapid suburbanization in all directions. Toronto remains Canada’s undisputed center of media and finance, and it serves as the urban core of southern Ontario’s dense network of smaller cities, towns, and agricultural lands.

As such a significant hub of regional and global financial and cultural activity, Toronto guarantees a lifetime’s worth of novel experiences and the best in luxury dining, accommodations, and entertainment. A trip up the CN Tower can be a good way to begin an exploration of the city, including a meal at the upscale revolving restaurant perched on top. The St. Lawrence Market offers an old style indoor public market experience, and the well-known Distillery District exhibits Toronto’s past as the continent’s major whiskey producer. The Art Gallery of Ontario provides a broad look at art from before the Renaissance to the present day, with the largest collection of Canadian art anchoring a huge roster of pieces from around the world. A world-class aquarium, a natural history museum, an idyllic island for escapes from the city, and ethnic enclaves serving up specialties from around the world make Toronto worth an extended stay.

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