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Uncover Film History at the Hollywood Museum

Located in the Max Factor Building in Hollywood, California, the Hollywood Museum—as you can probably imagine—has quite the collection of memorabilia ranging from photos and props to costumes and cars. If you want to immerse yourself in everything Hollywood-related, this is certainly a stop you should consider making. Before you pack your bags, however, check out some of the information to know before you go.

Getting Into the Museum
If you’re interested in visiting the Hollywood Museum, they’re open from 10am to 5pm Wednesday through Sunday. Admission for kids who are 5-years-old and under is $5.00, students and seniors will pay $12.00 a ticket, and adult tickets are $15.00. Membership passes are available for purchase as well. You can buy tickets online or at the box office, but if you go with the former option, you’ll have to print your ticket out and bring it with you when you visit.

Plan Out Your Route
If there are certain exhibits you absolutely want to see while you’re at the Hollywood Museum, it can be a good idea to carefully plan out your route so you don’t miss anything. For example, search through the list of current temporary exhibits and think about seeing those first considering they’re only there for a limited time and you might not be able to see them in the future if you miss them. Once you’ve seen those, work your way to permanent exhibits that are a must on your list. When you’re finished, then you could head to other exhibits in the museum. This plan ensures that you get to see the items you desperately want to see without being cut short on time.

Hollywood Museum entrance

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Get There Early
Considering how much there is to see at the Hollywood Museum, it can be a good idea to get there as early as possible so you can get right in and start looking around. This is especially beneficial during the peak tourist season in California—the summer months—since you’ll likely have more crowds to contend with. With more than 10,000 items to see, going as early as you can will give you ample time to get through as many as possible.

Note Photography Rules
Chances are you’re going to see quite a few items in the Hollywood Museum that you’re going to want to photograph, but check out the rules for doing so before you take out your camera. For example, while you can take personal photographs with no flash, you can’t use video cameras. If you’re planning on taking pictures and have any questions, make sure to ask beforehand.

Speaking of asking questions, if you have any, opt for asking before you get to the Hollywood Museum so you can have everything planned out and know all the information ahead of time. Lastly, if you’re planning on doing a lot of walking around the museum, dress comfortably (such as wearing super comfortable shoes) so you’ll be able to enjoy the experience of the visit even more.