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Vine Vera on Family Holiday Activities – VineVera Reviews

Family spending time together during Christmas

Quality time spent with family during the holiday season is essential to making and building memories. It’s important to make time to spend with the ones you love during this season – after all, isn’t that what the Holidays are all about? Vine Vera has some ideas on activities you can partake in with the whole family for fun, smiles, laughs, and memories made.

Watch a Holiday Movie
There’s nothing like cozying around the TV with the ones you love. Have some snacks ready to go and pop on a fun family movie that will help you to all unwind, laugh, and smile. To make it even more fun, let the kids join in on preparing the snacks – and you can implement healthy snacks with a few not-so-good-for-you snacks to make it fun. Everyone can wear PJ’s and slippers and bring pillows and blankets from their rooms. It will be a memory making time that’s fun for everyone!

Make Homemade Holiday Drinks and Baked Goods
Make some homemade holiday drinks, like warm apple cider with cinnamon sticks, hot chocolate, or eggnog. Let everyone have a part to play in developing the holiday fare. Serve with some fresh baked Holiday cookies or other festive foods, such as cake or pie.

Take a Family Staycation
Rather than take a lengthy vacation, opt for a staycation which is a shorter version of a local getaway. Spend the weekend with your family having fun and relaxing before the big day arrives and all of the hustle and bustle of visiting friends and family is to occur.

Holiday Campfire
Build a campfire or bonfire in your backyard or in a fire pit! Sit around telling stories to your children about Christmases long ago when you were a child. Chances are, they will love to hear what you have to say and will appreciate it for a long time to come. Let everyone roast marshmallows on sticks over the fire and make some S’mores! Play Christmas music, or better yet – sing your own Christmas carols (and drive the neighbors crazy!)

Make an Advent Calendar
Make a Christmas Advent calendar with your family. You can do this with leftover scraps of cloth or fabric, wood, and other things found around the house. Get creative! Be sure to get the children’s input and ideas for the design, as children tend to be far more creative than us adults.

Make Holiday Gifts
You know all of those extra Holiday photos you have that didn’t get mailed out, but you have no idea what to do with them? Turn them into a Holiday gift! Get creative and make anything from mugs, transfer them to canvas and make canvas portraits, or if you don’t have pictures to use, make gifts such as baked goods, homemade soap, candles, and other fun things to give as gifts from the heart. Everyone can pitch in to feel like they had a role to play.

Decorate the Christmas Tree
There’s nothing quite as special as gathering around a freshly cut tree to decorate it with the ones you love. Put on some Christmas music to get everyone into the Holiday spirit, and dance around and have fun together. Let the littlest child put the Angel or star at the top of the tree as you hold them high. Have fun, and make those memories!

Happy Holidays all from all of us at Vine Vera!