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Dinosaur Provincial Park

Visiting Dinosaur Provincial Park

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?! The fact that these incredible animals walked the earth so many years ago is absolutely fascinating, and if you would love to learn more about them, one of the best places you can go is Dinosaur Provincial Park which is located at a short distance from both Patricia and Brooks in Alberta, Canada. Some significant fossil discoveries have been made here at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, and while you’re there learning a substantial amount of information about dinosaurs, don’t forget to take in all the beautiful scenery. Ready to plan your visit? Check out some of the information you should know for your trip.

If you want to stay at Dinosaur Provincial Park, there are two ways which you can do it. You can stay in an RV or tent at the Dinosaur Campground, but note that it’s self-registration, and during winter there is no water, flush toilets, or showers, but there are outhouses and power hook-ups. If you want firewood, you’re also going to have to bring it considering there aren’t any firewood sales. Another option is to do “comfort camping” which involves staying in units. If you’re going to be camping overnight, you are going to need a camping permit to stay in the park.

Dinosaur Provincial Park Tour

Guided Tours
If you would rather take a guided tour of Dinosaur Provincial Park, it can be a good opportunity to learn detailed information from those who have plenty to provide. You can even do a guided excavation for fossils! If your activity is outdoors, make sure you have safe, closed, and sturdy footwear as well as plenty of sun protection and insect repellent. Considering how popular the tours can be during the summer months, the sooner you make your reservations, the better.

Self-Guided Tour
Want to tour Dinosaur Provincial Park without the assistance of a guide? There are numerous activities that you can do to keep yourself busy. For example, you can peruse the two fossil display houses, stop at the John Ware cabin, walk one or more of the five trails, take gorgeous photographs, or sit and have lunch at the picnic area. You can also go fishing in the Red Deer River or go biking on the paved and gravel roads in the park. That’s just some of what you’ll be able to do during your visit.

Dinosaur Provincial park

Dinosaur Provincial Park is obviously a popular spot, and with good reason, so it’s better if you can book your reservations in advance so you’ll be able to do all the activities you want to do and stay where you’d like without worry. As previously stated, the summer tends to be the busiest time, so you may want to either try and go a different time or book your reservations quite far in advance to guarantee your spots. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask before making your reservations. Don’t forget to bring your camera so you can get some stunning photographs during your trip!