Whistler, Canada
Whistler, located in British Columbia less than two hours north of Vancouver, is Canada’s most famous resort town, developed in the early 20th century largely due to its spectacular scenery. Some came seeking fortune, and later work in the lumber camps, but the mountainous terrain didn’t leave room for much economic activity aside from sightseeing.

Whistler’s first resort was the Rainbow Lodge, built in 1914 by a pair of settlers who had emigrated from Maine. The construction of a railroad through the area guaranteed traffic and visitors, and the Rainbow Lodge became one of the most popular resorts in the West, with camping, hunting, and fishing on clear, serene Alta Lake.

Garibaldi Lake, Vancouver

Skiing became a prime attraction in the late 1960s, when entrepreneurs developed Whistler Mountain, named after the call of the marmots that live in the area. The area’s natural beauty and excellent skiing opportunities led to significant growth and development, transforming a remote community with no electricity or running water into a sophisticated resort destination and Winter Olympics contender. The honor of hosting Olympic events was finally bestowed upon Whistler in 2010, when it served as the site of many of the events of the Vancouver Olympics of 2010. As a result, skiing is Whistler’s best-known activity, but it’s a stunning and popular resort destination year-round.

With a natural environment this beautiful, Whistler’s accommodations have grown to match. High-end resorts, fine dining, and cutting edge bars complement festivals and a friendly, welcoming local demeanor. While one really shouldn’t visit Whistler without sampling at least some of the outdoor activities on offer, it’s perfectly fine to spend more time enjoying the finer things in life. The town provides everything a luxury-oriented traveler could need, and spectacular views are a dime a dozen, even without leaving town. A widely renowned pedestrian village enables relaxed, easy touring through a town that encourages visitors to leave the troubles of the wider world behind.

Whether one chooses to spend the day zip-lining, skiing, riding gondolas between Rocky Mountain peaks, hiking, fishing, or snowmobiling, the town itself is always welcoming after hours spent in the great outdoors, with a vast range of shopping and dining opportunities for a town of under just 10,000. For those wondering how this mountain town got this way, the Whistler Museum presents an excellent opportunity to learn about the area’s development, as well as tours of the village. The Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre provides a primer on two groups of British Columbia’s native peoples. In the summer, the Whistler Farmers Market allows for sampling of some of this beautiful region’s natural specialties. There are also breweries, art galleries, excellent restaurants and plenty of entertainment in town. It’s difficult to think of other places that offer such immersion in natural magnificence with few or no sacrifices in the way of civilization.

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