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Hopping on an airplane can be an exciting experience considering that you're doing something which is outside of your normal day-to-day routine. However, if you're not careful, it could be an experience that ends up impacting your health. Edema, a

Whether you live in Key West or you're taking a little vacation to the area, chances are it's going to be warm enough to wear sandals, which means your feet should be in tip-top shape. Whether you want to go

[caption id="attachment_1177" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] MR. INTERIOR /[/caption] Miami is known for breathtaking beaches, but it's also a shopping destination that will make every fashionista's heart skip a beat. Whether you want to hit up luxury stores, do some thrifting, or

[caption id="attachment_1176" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Leonard Zhukovsky /[/caption] Knowledge is beautiful, and intelligence can radiate from the inside-out. If you're in San Diego, one of the best way to learn something new is to head over to the San Diego Museum

The dead of winter can be a bit depressing. If the constant cold weather and seemingly endless dark days have you dreaming of the sun and sand, you aren’t alone. The islands of Panama offer gorgeous tropical beaches full of

If you are looking for adventure and unparalleled natural beauty, then you should plan a trip to Alaska. Besides packing plenty of warm clothing, you’ll need to decide what skin care products to take with you. Find out below what

The annual vacation requires many hours of planning. You work on travel arrangements, hotel accommodations and coordinating the time for friends or family members who’ll be joining you. Once the vacation begins, you have the hustle and bustle that goes

Heart health is a major concern for many people. With daily reminders that our society has become sedentary, has a 40% obesity rate, and won’t live as long as baby boomers, there is plenty of reason to think about healthy