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Considering the incredible beaches, laid back atmosphere, breathtaking views, and numerous activities, it's no surprise as to why so many are packing their bags and retiring in Florida. However, considering the state is 65,755-square-miles, it's not as easy as just

Those who love surfing know there's nothing quite like gliding across the water. It's an experience like no other; it gets the adrenaline going and there's this feeling of being connected to nature. You also can't beat the combination of

When you go on vacation in the summer, chances are you take a break from your day-to-day responsibilities, but what about from your skin care routine? Wherever you go, it's still important to make sure you properly take care of

[caption id="attachment_1591" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Steve Minkler /[/caption] When you head over to Palm Desert in California, you may notice a little something extra special about the city. It's here that you'll find an incredible amount of art that you can't

One of the best parts of summer is going outdoors to have a relaxing day on the beach. There's nothing like planting yourself in the sand, taking a dip in the water, and forgetting for awhile all the responsibilities that

So you're thinking of taking a deep sea fishing excursion from Miami and you want to know what you should be considering before you actually book the reservation. It's a smart move and one of the best ways to ensure

As exciting as traveling can be, it can also certainly be stressful. You want to make sure everything goes as it should and that you're not stuck dealing with problems when you're supposed to be enjoying yourself. The traveling season

So you're planning a guy's weekend in Vegas and you're looking for some tips on how to plan the perfect trip and advice on what you should do. Las Vegas has so many different activities that there's something for everyone,

The wedding date is coming up quick and it's time to start planning the bridal luncheon (also referred to as a bridesmaids luncheon), that's if you're going to have one of course. It's not required, but it could certainly be

You've gotten engaged (congrats!) and you're starting on planning the wedding. You've decided to go with a destination wedding and gather your favorite people in a place where you're going to marry the love of your life. It's no surprise