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Airports to Skip This Summer – Vine Vera Reviews

The summer season kick-starts months of traveling with people preferring to spend their time exploring popular destinations all over the world. Traditionally, summers have also been famous for frequent airline delays. You’re probably all too aware of the airports that have become popular airline delays in the summer months. A new study recently confirmed what most of us already knew – airports famous for their delays.

However, if you delve into the issue, you should also be able to understand the real problem due to which these airports suffer from delays. We often wonder what makes these airports suffer from delays during the summers. After all, with a problem-free experience during the winters, we come to expect that things could finally change next summer. But, as always, the summers are worse than we expect. This behavior has often wreaked havoc to countless summer travel plans, and this is why Vine Vera decided to help you understand which airports to skip this summer.

Airplane before taking off from an airport in New York, USA.

JFK, New York
The JFK Airport, is one of those airports that is famous for its delays throughout the year. However, things get even worse in the summer because of the increase in the number of flights connecting to European destinations trying to cater to the summer travel demand. The afternoon thunderstorms are equally responsible for wreaking havoc, and when you combine the two together, it’s a recipe for missed flights.

SFO, San Francisco
The SFO airport is another major airport famous for its summer delays. The weather patterns and fog are the main culprits here. Usually, when the visibility becomes low, the FAA allows airlines to land side by side, provided the runways are 4300 feet apart. However, the distance between the runways in SFO is just 750 feet, which means that airlines can land only one at a time, thereby cutting the arrival rate into half.

Other Airports to Avoid
While the New York and San Francisco airports top the list in terms of summer delays, there are a few other airports that you would be better off avoiding as well.

  • Logan International Airport, Boston
  • Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, San Juan
  • O’Hare International Airport, Chicago
  • Miami International Airport, Miami

The Takeaway
If you’re living in the area, it is next to impossible to avoid the entire East Coast. However, if you’re considering a connection, try avoiding airports in Atlanta or New York and look for other hub airports such as Houston, Minneapolis and Dallas, all of which have better on-time statistics and also connect to major European destinations. And if you must connect along the East Coast, try to use the Charlotte airport, where airlines are the least likely to delay.