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Beach Camping Tips For What to Pack


‘Tis the season when you’re probably spending quite a bit of time outdoors, especially at the beach, and one of the most enjoyable summer activities is going beach camping. You can’t do it on every beach, but on the ones you can, it’s a fantastic time. There’s nothing like falling asleep to the smells and sounds of the ocean. If you’re thinking of giving it a try, the following items are just some that you should consider bringing if you want to have the best beach camping experience.

You’re likely not going to want to be exposed to the elements, so make sure you bring a high-quality tent with you. Don’t forget to bring one that’s big enough for multiple people if you’re not going beach camping alone. Also, bring deep sand spikes. This can prevent a lot of frustration, especially if it happens to be extra windy.

Don’t rely on just cuddling up under a large beach towel to stay warm, even if it’s a summer night. The weather can cool down quite a bit on the beach and you definitely don’t want to be freezing when you’re trying to enjoy beach camping. Bring a big blanket that will be able to keep you warm even if the temperatures start to drop.

Air Mattress
There are some who don’t mind sleeping in the sand or in a standard sleeping bag, but for others, it’s just not comfortable. Your best option is to bring an air mattress. However, before you blow it up, make sure there are no sharp broken shells underneath. You don’t want to roll over while you’re on the mattress and feel it start to deflate under you if it catches a broken shell the wrong way.

Putting the food in a cooler rather than in bags is going to help you keep your dinner away from seagulls and other critters who are going to want it for themselves. Make sure to bring one or more coolers that are going to be able to fit enough food for everyone who is going and for the number of days you will be beach camping.

Toilet Paper
Don’t expect every bathroom you go into while you’re beach camping to have toilet paper, and you certainly don’t want to get stuck without it. Bring your own toilet paper so you don’t have to worry.

Fire Starter
If you’re planning on building a fire while you’re beach camping, you’re going to have to start it somehow. Plan for how you’re going to do it ahead of time so you have the necessary supplies on hand and you’re not trying to figure it out last minute.

Roasting marshmallows over a bonfire

Unless you’re continuously planning on running to the store and refilling your cooler with ice, your perishable food items are only going to be good the first day you’re there. If you’re going beach camping for more than one day, make sure to bring enough non-perishable foods to eat (including snacks).

Great conversation is a wonderful thing, but make sure to also have some games with you while you’re beach camping. Bring a football, maybe some board games that don’t contain a plethora of pieces, water toys such as boogie boards, etc so that you’ll always have something to do.

When you’re going beach camping, one of the best things you can do is to make a list ahead of time of items you want to bring so you can ensure that you remember everything you need. Don’t forget to check the weather report!