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Best Health and Wellness Vacation

Spa vacation

The annual vacation requires many hours of planning. You work on travel arrangements, hotel accommodations and coordinating the time for friends or family members who’ll be joining you. Once the vacation begins, you have the hustle and bustle that goes with getting to your destinations, feeding everyone, handling dirty laundry, keeping up with everyone’s electronics, and finding alternate activities in the event that your initial plans fall through. When you return from vacation, you spend your time undoing everything. You unpack, you do laundry, you try to refill the fridge. You almost need a day to recover from all of the work that goes into vacationing. If this is you and you’re ready for some actual rest and relaxation, perhaps you should look into a wellness vacation.

This type of vacation involves finding a place that has an itinerary all laid out for you or allows you to choose what you want and leave the planning to someone else. They often include food, exercise, top-notch excursions, and actual rest. Though it may require you to leave your family behind, it may be worth your while to plan a vacation that is truly about rest.

Cap Maison Luxury Resort and Spa
Cap Maison is located in St. Lucia in the West Indies. It offers a wellness package that is great for newbies to wellness vacations. You choose the number of nights that you would like to relax. For each day of your stay, you will receive healthy meals, a daily spa treatment, a yoga session and guided tours.

Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort
For those who want to be well with cocktails, Camelback has you covered. They offer one night and three night packages that include breakfast and a spa treatment. Wanting to enjoy time with the girls? There is also a BFF Retreat which includes breakfast, guided tours of the Camelback Mountains, lunches by the pool and an in-room martini bar.

Fit & Fly Girl Retreats
Fit & Fly Girls is a business that hosts retreats for women who love to travel. Retreat locations include Costa Rica, Buenos Aires and Uruguay (other locations also available). The retreats are hosted at luxury accommodations and include activities such as meditation, yoga and fitness classes. Guests enjoy excursion options including beach time, horseback riding and shopping.

Copperhead Retreat & Spa
When you make a list of all of the things that you can accomplish during your wellness vacation, Copperhead has you covered. Programs include wellness, detox, weight loss and more. For those interested in revitalizing their exercise regimen, they offer a “Rebuild Your Fitness Program” that focuses on healthy eating and exercise. You may also choose to go on walks or hikes along the Catskills Mountains and participate in daily yoga. When you plan your wellness vacation, look for places that focus on healthy eating and daily fitness activities. Be sure to leave the city and find a place that allows you to soak in the sun and fresh air. Beach spots, mountain resorts and awesome on-site spa services are a must to round out your vacation plans.

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    May 22, 2018


    Don’t do the fit and fly retreat, i did their france retreat and everything was a complete mess not as advertised, unless you count sleeping in an ant infested house with dirty linens a luxury report. Beware that they lie about everything in the France retreat.