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European Destinations for Winter

Summer may be the most popular time of the year to take an elegant European Vacation, but that doesn’t make it the only good time—or even the best.

Today, Vine Vera would like to make a case for winter trips to Europe, and why they can be just as great—if not more so—than the more conventional summer trip. If you think about it, there’s a certain amount of logic to the idea. There are few European tourist attractions that have limited availability, meaning most of the reasons people go there apply year-round. On top of that, simply recall that, as we said, it’s not the most popular time to take a vacation to the continent. If you consider that for just a moment, you’ll realize that it’s actually a good thing. Less popular means fewer people are doing it, which means…you guessed it, less crowds. If you want to experience these delightful destinations without having to contend with hordes of fellow tourists getting in your way and making the wait for everything longer, head out in the winter! Not to mention, some European places can be even more fun in the winter.

Amsterdam canal

Amsterdam sure is chilly in the winter, but if you have the fortitude to deal with it (hey, coats and scarves can be quite delightful), you’ll be treated to deep discounts on hotel rooms and airplane tickets. Not only that, but the vast majority of Amsterdam’s attractions are open year-round, and if you go in winter, you’ll find ample opportunity for ice-skating and miscellaneous holiday festivities. Check out the world-class Van Gogh Museum or go shopping on the Nine Streets. You’ll also find the intriguing science center NEMO, biking opportunities, lots of pancakes, and a vibrant party scene with coffee houses, gay bars, nightclubs and much more.


The vistas of the nearby Swiss Alps in this city are stunning, and the streets are bright and alive. Arguably, these scenic vistas are prettiest in winter, making the area an ideal winter vacation spot. Enjoy stunning views of the grand lake, delightful medieval architecture and cobblestone streets. Don’t forget to grab some world-famous Swiss chocolate on the way in!


As if Vienna didn’t have enough to love already, come in winter and be greeted with copious public ice skating rinks, advent markets, lots of extravagant parties, and the delightful charm of snowy roofs and easily accessible ski slopes. Visit the Local Museum of Fine Arts, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, or House of Music for a hearty dose of local culture, hit up an opera house for a real theatrical and musical treat, or take a day (or three) to sample the local wine.


Do you need an excuse to go to Paris, at any time of the year? Probably not, but we’re going to give you one anyway. An incredibly popular tourist destination (and for good reason), Paris is less crowded in winter by several orders of magnitude, meaning you can relax in romantic coffee shops, sip delicious French wines, and check out world-famous museums without the crowds.