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Glamping 101

So maybe you’re reading this because you’re considering going glamping, or it could be possible that you’re wondering what in the world glamping is. Basically, the term is a combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping”. Rather than sleep on the dirt with a rock jabbing you in the back, you’re in more luxurious accommodations while still enjoying the outdoors. The term has become so popular that the Oxford English Dictionary just added it to its database. So now that you have an idea of what it is, let’s discuss some tips if you’re thinking of planning a glamping adventure and you’re going about it on your own rather than going to a spot that’s already set up for you.


Make the Bed the Centerpiece
One of the biggest complaints of those who hate camping is that they don’t want to sleep on the hard and dirty ground. The good news is that, with glamping, you don’t have to. You can bring a large blow-up air mattress, comfortable bedding, throw pillows, and more to truly make it a very comfortable sleeping experience.

Get Fancy With Food
Leave the protein bars at home and instead, opt for more fancy cooking. For example, you can cook up steaks, salmon, mashed potatoes, and vegetables for dinner, have a fruit and cheese platter for an appetizer, eat cheesecake for dessert, and drink some wine in between. Consider making (or bringing) a meal that you don’t have very often, one that you usually make only for special occasions.

Glamping ideas

Bring Comfortable Seating
Glamping is all about the comforts of home while enjoying the outdoors, so make sure to bring some comfortable seating. There are numerous types of folding chairs you can bring that can be much more comfortable for you rather than having to sit on the ground, on a rock, or on a log.

Bring a Camping Shower
Next to sleeping on the ground, one of the biggest complaints is usually that there’s nowhere to shower. A portable shower/changing shelter can change that along with a solar shower that could allow you to have hot water. It makes sleeping out in nature a little more appealing, doesn’t it?

Luxury tent

Choose the Right Tent
The tent is obviously an important part of the glamping experience. With so many different tents to choose from, one of the most important aspects is how many people you’re going to be sharing the tent with. Some tents can fit quite a few people, but before you make a purchase, make sure to read the reviews and see what past customers have had to say so you can get a good idea about which one to buy.

Bring Lanterns
There are so many types of camping lanterns that you can bring that will add style and elegance to your glamping experience. Whether you bring only a few or you bring a slew of them and hang them up like string lights, it can add a beautiful touch to your night(s) in the outdoors.

Whether or not you love standard camping, consider giving glamping a shot. You may find out that you really love it – or at least certain aspects of it – and you want to give it a try more often. If anything, at least you can say you had one interesting experience.