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Lifestyle Changes for Dry Climates – Vine Vera Reviews

Dry climate and skin careHave you been searching for some effective skin care tips to help you deal with dry climates? Vine Vera has had its experience with dry climates and has managed to come up with all sorts of products and solutions to help people who face these conditions day in and day out. Our experts have also recommended customers to follow some basic skin care tips to deal with drier climates and ensure that their skin, eyes and nose don’t get affected by the dry air. So whether you live in a dry area or plan to travel to one, these Vine Vera skin care tips can work wonders in saving your skin and protecting you from all sorts of problems. 

Install a humidifier

One of the first things that you need to do is to install a humidifier. You can use smaller humidifiers to cover a single room (ideally your bedroom) or choose a large humidifier that covers more than one room. Humidifiers help to keep the mucous membranes moist and they allow your skin to deal with the dry air around you. Humidifiers are also known to reduce the intensity of snoring!

Give in to moisturizers

A proper moisturizer is a must have for anyone with dry skin or anyone living in a dry area. Ensuring that the skin is properly moisturized helps you to save it from all sorts of issues and prevents the skin from looking dry. Some of the most common signs of dry skin include cracked heels, dry elbows and ragged cuticles.

Apply lip balm

Lip balm is an ideal way to protect your lips. You will notice that your lips feel more sensitive and drier when you’re living in a dry climate. Lip balms nourish and moisturize your skin and help your lips to feel better. You could also choose lip balms that contain SPF to protect your lips from the sun.

Drink lots of water

Water is extremely essential for your overall well-being and good health. Drinking water doesn’t have an immediate impact on the way you look, but ensuring that your body is properly hydrated prevents dehydration and allows your organs to function normally. This, in turn, ensures that you enjoy good looking skin.

Take care of your skin care routine

People living in dry climates may need different skin care products that are more appropriate for their specific requirements. If you’re traveling to an area with a dry climate, it might make sense to tweak your skincare routine a bit. The main areas that need some tweaking are your cleansers and your moisturizers.

Cover up

Covering up your hands and feet with socks and gloves is an ideal way to protect your skin from the elements. It might be irritating to cover up if it is hot at night, but your skin shall certainly thank you for the effort. Apply a rich cream on your hands and your feet and wear cotton gloves and socks before going to sleep. This ensures that you wake up with baby soft skin.

Deep condition your hair

Your hair care products also need some tweaking if you live in or travel to an area with a dry climate. The drier air means that you need to apply moisturizing shampoos and also become serious about your conditioners. Deep conditioning also works wonders for your hair.

Don’t skip your sunscreen

The problem with sun damage is that you don’t see it immediately. When you’re living in a drier climate, you need to ensure that you slather on the sunscreen. Choose a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen and apply it every single day. You need to apply sunscreens throughout the year, and not just during the spring and summer months.

Remember, living in a dry climate might need extra effort when it comes to taking care to your skin, but once you know how to deal with the drier air, things should become quite simple. If you have some other tips that you would like to share with Vine Vera, feel free to post them using the comments box below.