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Most Youthful Looking People Live Here

Being carded when you’re younger can seem like a nuisance but it’s true when people tell you that one day you’ll wish people still carded you. Looking young and youthful is an obsession for many and countless age-defying methods at achieving youth are used daily by people wanting to look younger. Skin care products, surgeries and crazy diets may seem to help in a short-term way, but when it comes to really looking youthful and young, the most important factors are also the most basic: the amount of exercise, hours of sleep, stress levels and lifestyle choices. A study conducted by shows that the U.S. cities with the most youthful looking individuals were influenced by stress levels, pollution, sun exposure and lifestyle habits like getting enough sleep, exercising and avoiding smoking or excessive alcohol. The top three youngest looking cities with populations of over 300,000 people in America follow.

Minneapolis skyline.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
The midwest has a reputation for being “fly-over” land, but many states in the midwest are currently experiencing massive growth as young professionals choose to settle there. However, it isn’t the younger population that keeps this city looking so youthful, it’s the lifestyle that the residents of Minnesota embrace. Minneapolis residents are more physically fit than the national average and also get plenty of sleep, both of which are important components to retaining a youthful physique and are reasons why Minneapolis ranks number one in the most youthful looking cities in the country.

Seattle skyline

Seattle, Washington
Ultraviolet radiation is heavily responsible for signs of aging like discoloration, sun spots and fine lines and wrinkles. The constant cloud cover reduces the risk of UV damage, so residents look younger than they are. Seattle is also a city that encourages healthy living with more residents choosing to bike or jog to work than anywhere else in the country. Abundant farmer’s markets, a love for yoga and their incredible natural scenery (greenery inspires health) make this the second most youthful looking cities in the United States.

San Francisco

San Francisco, California
Happiness is another factor that when absent, can cause aging to accelerate, but the residents of San Francisco don’t have to worry about that. Prior to the study by, San Francisco has been named one of the happiest, healthiest and fittest cities in America and in 2012, the city earned the title of the best city in America from Bloomberg Businessweek. Residents get plenty of sleep, consume plenty of vegetables, practice yoga and biking and eat local and organic produce making San Francisco the third most youthful looking cities in America.

Other cities that made the top 10 list include Honolulu, Salt Lake City and Raleigh, but you don’t have to move your entire life to stay looking young. The components that make these cities the most youthful looking cities in America are all things you can do no matter where you live. Eating right, exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep are all ways that you can keep yourself looking youthful.