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Night Safari: The World’s First Nocturnal Zoo

Jaguar at night
Many of us have been to a zoo at some point in our lives, but that likely involved going during the day while the sun was shining. What about a zoo that operates at night? The Night Safari in Singapore is the world’s first safari park that’s all about nocturnal animals. You take the guided tram to look at animals while listening to tidbits of information along the way, and you can also head out on the walking trails. Sound intriguing? Let’s discuss some of what you need to know before you head over to Night Safari.

The Experience
There are six different areas, also referred to as “geographical zones,” that you’ll experience on your tram ride. Those six are the Indian Subcontinent, Equatorial Africa, Himalayan Foothills, Nepalese River Valley, Burmese Hillside, and the Asian Riverine Forest. From elephants and bharals to tigers and hyenas, there are plenty of different animals you’ll have the chance to see. There are also four walking trails: the Wallaby Trail, the Fishing Cat Trail, the Leopard Trail, and the East Lodge Trail. You’ll also want to make sure to check out the two shows: the Creatures of the Night Show and the Thumbuakar Performance.

Hours of Operation
If you’re interested in going to the Night Safari, the opening time is 7:15 pm with the last admission being at 11:15 pm and the closing time at midnight. However, if you’re hungry or want to do a little shopping, the ticket counter as well as most of the shops and restaurants open a bit earlier at 5:30 pm so you’ll have a chance to eat and pick up a few things before your experience starts.

Since we brought up eating, you’re probably wondering what dining options are available to you when you visit the Night Safari. There are six places at which you can drink and dine: Zebra Cafe, Bongo Burgers, Casa Italia, Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, Chang Chawang Bar, and Safari Sizzles. There’s a little something for everyone.

The admission fee for an adult is $45, for a child between 3- and 12-years-old it’s $30, and children younger than 3 enter free. Senior citizens who are Singaporean or Singapore PR and are 60+ pay $18. Make sure to have your ID on you to verify your information. If you’re interested in going to multiple parks while you’re in Singapore, you may want to check out the ParkHopper specials in an effort to save some money. Are you planning on visiting around your birthday? Before you get your tickets, ask about the Birthday Special deal. If you’re a local resident, you may also qualify for a discount.

All of the aforementioned is just part of the incredible overall experience that you can have at the Night Safari. It’s one vacation that you won’t soon forget. Just make sure before you go that you’re wearing insect repellent and you bring an umbrella with you (or a poncho) just in case. Enjoy your fantastic trip to the world’s first nocturnal zoo!