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Cherry blossoms

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

There’s just something so lovely and charming about cherry blossoms, and many believe that they symbolize how absolutely beautiful yet fleeting life is. The blossoms are only around for approximately one to two weeks where the wind then takes the pale petals and sends them scattering around like snow. Cherry blossoms have become a central focus of numerous festivals that many look forward to attending every year. In Japantown in Northern California, you can attend the Cherry Blossom Festival in April 2017. Let’s talk a little more about just some of the information you should know if you’re interested in going to this wonderful event.

Dates, Cost, and Times
The Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival® is set to take place on two separate weekends: April 8 and 9 and 15 and 16. Dates and times vary, but the majority of events take place within the perimeters of four blocks: Bush Street, Filmore Street, Geary Boulevard, and Laguna Street. Most events are free of charge while some will require you to pay an admission fee. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend, so you’re in great company to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the festival.

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Grand Parade
The very special Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Grand Parade will start on April 16 at 1pm at the San Francisco City Hall. There are a multitude of performers expected to attend including El Cerrito High School Japanese Club, Nagata Dance Studio, Northern California Japanese Sword Club, and Yoko and the Sunshine Girls. It’s a parade full of fabulous talent that you certainly don’t want to miss.


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Additional Special Programs and Events
When it comes to additional special programs and events, there are several others you’re definitely going to want to consider attending. For example, on April 14 is the 50th Anniversary Gala Celebration, the Film Festival takes place on April 8, 9, and 15, there’s the Mikoshi Purification Ceremony, the Kayo Parade, the Cherry Blossom Festival Scavenger Hunt, and more. It’s also here where you can learn about everything ranging from Japanese doll making and music to Bonsai and Ikebana. The festival is an incredible (and fun!) learning experience for those of all ages. Check out the festival website for the latest information on all the events and programs that will be taking place. The aforementioned is just the beginning of the special events and programs you have to look forward to; there’s so much more!

You’re certainly going to want to bring your camera when you head to the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival®. There’s so much beauty to see! If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the Japanese culture, then you’re definitely going to want to make time to attend. When you’re planning on going to the festival, it’s best if you take public transportation as parking may be difficult to come by. Should you want to volunteer as well as attend, applications are still available. Lastly, there is going to be food available to purchase, so bring your appetite.