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Pinot Noir Around the World – Vine Vera Reviews

Pinot Noir is an extremely delicate grape that has a zesty acidity and a pale color. It can be found in most major wine regions across the world, but its taste and flavor can differ with the slightest change in temperature. As a result, some Pinot Noir regions get more attention than the rest. Vine Vera reviews the best Pinot Noir destinations around the world.

Beautiful vineyard in Portugal.

The Best Climate for Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir grows in warm climates as well as cool climates. The warm climate Pinot Noir is known to have less acidity and more fruity flavors. On the other hand, cool climate Pinot Noirs tend to have more acidity and tart fruit flavors. However, Pinot Noir is best grown in a region with a cool climate where the temperature ranges between 57 – 61 degrees F. One can expect to find a lot of variations in terms of the flavor within this range as well. The cooler zones produce more elegant and lighter wines while the warmer zones offer fruit-driven and full-bodied flavors.

Top Pinot Noir Destinations in the World
Pinot Noir is grown in other parts of the world as well, but it often ends up losing its elegance and flavors that make it so unique. The following are some of the top destinations to sample the best Pinot Noir wines.

Image of grapes growing in a vineyard.

Rio Negro, Argentina
Rio Negro is one of the latest Pinot Noir regions in the world. The wines that grow here are known to boast of black cherry flavors and a lot of spice. The Argentinian Pinot Noir is the best option for a warm summer day.

California, USA
California is one of the few warm climate regions that is famous for its Pinot Noir. The wines grown here enjoy raspberry and black cherry flavors and the more exclusive ones also boast an added vanilla flavor. The Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir wine is perfect for a chilly spring evening.

A chateau in Burgundy, famous for its beautiful vineyards.

Burgundy, France
Burgundy is home to the Pinot Noir grape. No wonder Burgundy Pinot Noirs have a huge demand. The wines have earthy and tart cherry flavors. The Burgundy Pinot Noir is ideal as a day wine.

Ahr, Germany
The German Pinot Noir is grown in the Ahr region. This wine region is much warmer than the other wine regions of Germany. As a result, the Pinot Noir grown here enjoys a fruity, earthy and plum-like flavor. These wines are perfect for days when the sun plans to play hide and seek with the clouds.

Northern Italy
The Pinot Noirs found in Northern Italy are known to have earthy notes that are similar to French Pinot Noirs. They are known to have an earthy and rich flavor and are ideal for a sunny spring afternoon/ evening. 

Central Otago, New Zealand
The darkest Pinot Noir belongs to the Central Otago region in New Zealand. It has a cola and cherry-like finish and is known to pack a punch. These Pinot Noir wines are best had during a rainy afternoon.