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Summer Vacation Hot Spots – Vine Vera Reviews

Breathtaking beaches. Serene old-world towns. Meandering biking lanes. World famous shacks. Non-stop partying. Endless sunshine. Happy people. That’s just what summertime vacations are all about. Whether you prefer to sleep in the laps of Mother Nature or excite your senses ziplining through a mountain, the ultimate summer vacation is just waiting for you at one of these summer vacation hot spots.

Outdoor cafes in Barcelona.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is full of history that ranges from authentic to bizarre. It always offers endless explorations, fascinating tales and beautiful folklore of an era bygone. But the city isn’t just about living in the past. From the dozens of tapas bars to beachside nightclubs, from world famous shopping to the one of the best music scenes in Europe, the city really has so much going for it. Summer is considered to be the best time to visit Barcelona because it brings a new sense of life into the local population, who prefer to spend their days outdoors, enjoying the wonders that the city has on offer. You need to stay for a few days at the minimum, but you need at least one week to truly explore the city. Beach lovers are also sure to fall in love with the city. The beach is bustling with life, and is as cosmopolitan as it gets. Most of the restaurants, stores, cafes, nightclubs and pedestrian markets can be seen around Barri Gothic and La Rambla, but almost each neighborhood has a hidden jewel worth exploring. And while in Barcelona, make sure you don’t miss out on Gaudi masterpieces such as La Sagrada Familia, Casa Guell and Casa Batllo.

Cottages in a tropical island

Uber-luxe resorts, pristine waters, glowing sands, idyllic atmosphere – Fiji is that perfect tropical getaway that you always dream of. There are a total of 333 islands to choose from, with each offering something special for different kinds of tourists. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, a honeymoon, a family getaway, an adventure holiday or a vacation to get closer to nature, Fiji certainly has it all. From fantastic diving and surfing to breathtaking coral reefs, there is no shortage of things to do. But, the one thing that makes Fiji so different from the rest is its otherworldly feel and sultry atmosphere. It offers tourists a delectable feel of seclusion and takes them away from reality. The local customs seem to be extra-terrestrial and those fire dances and kava drinks may just be from another planet! You might not come across any aliens in Fiji, but you can always expect an unforgettable experience.

Historic windmills in Mykonos

Mykonos, Greece
The whitewashed buildings and idyllic atmosphere screams Mykonos like no other. Wandering along those winding streets and exploring the beautiful churches makes you realize why the Greek islands have always ranked among the most exciting travel destinations around the world. Everything about Mykonos may seem old world and conservative, but the island is far from being conservative. It is home to some of the craziest beach parties of Europe and also boasts of a fascinating nightlife. The silk sand beaches of Mykonos are an obvious draw, but the Cycladic-styled buildings, breathtaking temples and historic windmills also offer an equally exhilarating experience.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Paris, France
Paris, popularly called the City of Light, lures millions of tourists each year and promises each of them an unforgettable experience. The breathtaking art collections, the Eiffel Tower and the world famous French cuisines steal all the limelight, but old world churches, neoclassic architecture, charming locales, old world neighborhoods and a world-class fashion and shopping scene ends up acting as the backbone of any travel itinerary in the city. Certainly spend time exploring its grandeurs, but leave some time aside for meandering along those beautiful districts to enjoy an experience unlike anything that you’ve ever seen.