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If you’re still searching for the perfect destination to visit this 4th of July, how about considering the following recommendations? From catching fireworks at the Fisherman’s Wharf to having a blast in Sin City, from the musical festivals of Millennium

The summer season kick-starts months of traveling with people preferring to spend their time exploring popular destinations all over the world. Traditionally, summers have also been famous for frequent airline delays. You’re probably all too aware of the airports that

Most Americans look at Cinco de Mayo as an opportunity to enjoy margaritas, tequilas and Mexican food. However, Cinco de Mayo is so much more than that. Vine Vera helps you understand all you need to know about Cinco de

There are a number of reasons why you should look forward to brunch. For many of us, brunch offers a much needed change of pace. For the rest of us, eating late on a weekend morning is something that we