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We long for the summer months so that we can finally say goodbye to common winter skin issues such as chapped lips, but the summers present problems of their own such as sunburns, bug bites and rashes. We understand that

Location. It’s integral to just about everything we do. We find things like travel, visiting new locales or settling down in new cities extremely exciting, but sadly our skin doesn’t share that excitement. We often end up discovering that our

No one knows how the base tan concept first gained popularity, but it seems as if almost everyone contemplates getting one before going for that sun-kissed vacation today. The myth about base tans states that getting a base tan before

If things were perfect, we’d all boast of flawless-looking skin. However, very few of us are actually that lucky. Some of us enjoy that flawless look, while most of us end up with complex skin issues and oily or dry