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Sometimes, you just need to pack your bags and head out for a girls getaway with some of your closest friends. It's a chance to bond, have some fun, and explore a city that you've never been to before or

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an arch bridge that offers spectacular views. The steel bridge, which was opened in 1932, is 1,149-metres long (including the approach spans) and has an arch span of 503-metres. It has two rail lines, a

Located in Sydney, Australia, Bondi Beach is just as well known for its beauty as it is for its fantastic surfing. It's the name of a suburb as well as an actual beach and there is plenty to see, do,

Every town has one area that is known for its ultra-hip, stylish and artistic vibe. With the huge upsurge in street style visibility, many previously unknown neighborhoods of major cities are appearing on Instagram feeds, style blogs and even in

City life tends to be notorious for the hustle and bustle, with city dwellers living life at a hectic, breakneck pace, always moving, constantly tired, stressed, weary, and endlessly busy. But who says that's the way it always has to