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The Silver Skate Festival in Edmonton

The Silver Skate Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada runs from February 10 – 20, 2017, but has been around for decades and attracts over 100,000 visitors. The festival consists of a whole variety of family-friendly activities that are ideal for those of all ages. If you’re thinking of heading to Edmonton and you’re in need of a little winter fun, the following is just some of the information that could prove beneficial if you’re considering attending the Silver Skate Festival.

Getting to the Silver Skate Festival
If you’re planning on driving to the Silver Skate Festival, you’ll be heading to William Hawrelak Park which is located at 9330 Groat Road in Edmonton. There is festival parking available. Should you decide to take public transportation, there is a free pickup/drop-off shuttle service available that will take you from either the Windsor Parkade or the Transit Station. The shuttle runs from noon to 9pm from February 11-12 and 18-19 as well as on February 20 from noon to 6pm. Although the park is open almost all day (6am to 11pm), it’s important to note that the bathrooms are only open from 8am to 10pm. Pets are not allowed at the festival.

Live Performances
In addition to all the family-friendly activities at the Silver Skate Festival, you’ll also be able to hear live music. For example, in 2016, just some of the talented artists who were involved include Nadine Kellman, Marco Claveria Project, Jason Kodie, Rebecca Lappa, ShaktiFlow, and Giselle Boehm. Make sure to keep an eye on the events calendar for those who will be performing in 2017.

dead cold run

There are a whole host of events that are taking place during the Silver Skate Festival. For example, the Dead Cold Run takes place on February 12, FatBike Fest on February 12, Meet Me At Lovers’ Lane takes place over the course of several days, Snow Sculpture occurs from February 10 to 12, and there are Snowshoe races. Prices and times vary depending on the event you’d like to participate in. If you’re interested in skating, you can do so between 11am and 10pm, and skates are available to rent if you need them.

If you’re interested in attending the Silver Skate Festival in Edmonton, the best thing that you can do is peruse through all the events and write down which ones you’d like to attend as well as their dates and times, and if you’re planning on taking public transportation, you may want to write down the schedules for that as well. With so much fun to be had at the festival, it can be overwhelming trying to get your schedule in order when it’s not visually in front of you. Write it down and you can plan accordingly.

Additionally, if you’d rather participate in the festival in another way as well, they do have several volunteer opportunities available, so check out their volunteer hub for more information. Lastly, it can get incredibly cold in Edmonton in the winter, so make sure to dress appropriately so you’ll stay warm for the duration that you’re outside.