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Tips for Visiting New York City This Summer

If you’re thinking of visiting New York City this summer, we can’t blame you considering it’s such a fantastic city. The first thing you should know is that it’s not uncommon for it to feel pretty hot outside. It is summer, after all, so wear clothes that will help you to move freely while staying as cool as possible. You want to make sure that during your adventure, you’re able to be comfortable regardless of what you’re seeing and doing. Before you pack your bags for NYC, check out some other tips for visiting in summer.

Make Reservations Ahead of Time
Reservations can go really fast in NYC to the point where certain restaurants can be booked weeks or months in advance. If there are certain restaurants you absolutely don’t want to miss, don’t leave it to chance. Check ahead of time if reservations are possible and if so, make them sooner than later.


Take Advantage of Free Events
From the Good Morning America Concert Series to Shakespeare in the Park and a variety of events in between, there are numerous free events happening all over NYC. Some events might require you to get tickets either beforehand or the day of while others require no tickets at all, so do your research to find out what you’ll need for the event you want to attend

Practice Walking Etiquette
One of the biggest pet peeves of those who often visit or live or work in NYC is when tourists don’t practice walking etiquette. For example, always stand to the right and walk on the left when using the escalator, don’t abruptly stop while you’re walking, and don’t walk more than two people across a sidewalk. New Yorkers have a habit of walking at a fast pace and won’t take too kindly to others disrupting the flow.


Visit Smaller Shops
There are quite a few reasons to check out smaller shops in NYC, one of which is that it provides a welcomed air conditioned break from the outdoor heat. Also, it gives you the opportunity to find unique items that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere so you can get something fantastic for yourself and those on your list.

Carry Cash for Water
You’re going to need to stay hydrated while you’re wandering around NYC, and unless you plan on continuously meeting the credit card minimum for purchases if there are any at the stores you walk into, you’re better off carrying cash so you can buy water whenever you need it.


Consider Skipping the Subway
If you can find another way to get around NYC other than taking the subway in the summer, you might want to go with it. To say it can get steamy would be an understatement. Between the heat and humidity, it could easily feel over 100-degrees on some days. The smell doesn’t help, either.

Visit a Rooftop Bar
Hanging out at a rooftop bar is arguably one of the best activities to do in the city during the summer. There are quite a few rooftop bars around the city to visit, so take advantage of the beautiful weather and head up for a drink and spectacular views.

All that’s left to do is do your research, pack your bags, and get ready for a trip to NYC that you’ll never forget.