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Mammoth Mountain

Top US Ski Destinations

Now that the colder weather is upon us, it’s time to start putting on the skis and hitting the slopes, but with so many fantastic places to go across the United States, how are you supposed to know which one to visit? If only we could list all of the top US ski destinations that you might want to consider going to, but for now, we’re going to stick with the following three that you may want to check out when you’re ready to do some skiing.

Located in Colorado, this town with a population of over 5,000 is set at the base of Vail Mountain. It’s here that you’ll find the huge Vail Ski Resort. The resort is over 5,200-acres and you’ll be able to ski, snowboard, go ski biking, snowshoeing, or snow tubing, and more. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the incredible food. They’re open from November 25, 2016, and closing day is on April 23, 2017, so you have plenty of time to book your trip.

Stowe Mountain Resort
Want to hit the slopes at the Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont? You can, of course, go skiing and snowboarding, but should you so desire, you can also go ice skating at the Ice Rink at Spruce Peak Village Center. Guided mountain tours are available if you want to take a look around the resort. There are 116 trails available that are ideal for those at every level so there’s something for everyone. That’s just the beginning of what Stowe Mountain Resort has to offer. They’re already open, so feel free to head on over.

Mammoth Mountain

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Mammoth Mountain
Set in Mammoth Lakes, California, Mammoth Mountain offers so much to do that you’ll never have a second of boredom. From snowmobiling and snow-tubing to skiing and snowboarding, there is plenty to keep you entertained. If you want to check out what the area is all about, there are tours available. For example, you can take a Snowcat tour if you want your view to be from the ground or climb aboard the gondola if you want to get a gander from the air. You also have plenty of options for where to dine in between activities.

If you’re planning a visit to one of the top US ski destinations, one of the best things you can do is to plan ahead. Get your tickets online, check out their hours, review their prices, and peruse through lodging options if you’ll need them. You may also want to see if there are any discounts available. Additionally, the earlier in the day you get there the better you might find it to be. If you’re not skilled at skiing or snowboarding, don’t worry because there are many professionals on site who will happily teach you the ways. Don’t hesitate to ask for help! Lastly, before you leave to go there for the day, don’t forget to check the weather report so you know what you’re in for and you can plan accordingly.