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Vine Vera Reviews Destinations Preferred by Travelers in 2014

Friends traveling to top 2014 tourist destinationsPeople around the world love to travel and discover new places to enjoy life changing experiences, interact with new cultures and take a break from their everyday life. The world offers with all sorts of exciting destinations that are worth visiting and experiencing. However, some destinations are always known to be more famous than the others. The social media and the internet also plays a huge role in creating traveler trends which makes people around the globe prefer some destinations over others. These trends can change from one year to the other and as a result, you can find all sorts of cities and towns in the annual lists of the most traveled destinations for that particular year. Vine Vera examines the top destinations that were preferred by travelers in the year 2014.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the ideal destination to check out the best of two continents, Europe and Asia. It is the spot where both these continents meet and the entire city is particularly famous for its exotic history. You can check out mosques, markets and churches that date back centuries and also enjoy some of the most delightful galleries, restaurants and nightclubs at the same time. Don’t forget to experience one of those Turkish hammams while in Istanbul and make it a point to visit the Hagia Sophia and the Grand Bazaar.

Rome, Italy

Rome, considered to be one of the most thrilling and seductive cities in the world, is about enjoying an exotic lifestyle while feasting your eyes on some of the best old and new world sights that the world has to offer. Food and wine are integral to a Roman holiday, as are those historic legacies that once hosted the great Roman Empire. Whether you’re into history, art, music, food, culture or entertainment, you are more than likely to find a varied range of attractions to choose from. No wonder, Rome has always featured on the lists of the most traveled places year after year. 

London, UK London, UK

A trip to London is like visiting a living museum that unveils breathtaking landscapes, beautiful attractions, exotic architecture, awe-inspiring arts and artifacts and a fascinating lifestyle at every step. From the great Buckingham Palace to the most famous department store in the world, London has something perfect for everyone. Depending on when you plan to visit London, there are a myriad of things to choose from. The public transportation network is also known to be safe and extremely efficient. 

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague might come across as if it doesn’t have much to offer to its travelers and you might not even think of the city when discussing the top destinations in the world, but 2014 saw a number of travelers visiting to this exotic city because of its extraordinary cultural and historic sights and attractions. The Prague Castle ranks among the top castles in the world and it is known to date all the way back to the 9th century. Attractions like the Cemetery and the Jewish Quarter are also known to be must sees. The Prague nightlife is particularly fantastic and you can choose from all sorts of bars, clubs and music venues.

Hanoi, Vietnam

The city of Hanoi might be a relatively new entrant into the list of the top travel destinations in the world, but it certainly ranks among the very best when it comes to offering visitors with breathtaking colonial era architecture, beautiful monuments and a well preserved Old Town. The city manages to offer some of the most exciting historic attractions like Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and the Hoa Lo Prison and it is also home to approximately 600 temples and pagodas that can be easily explored using public transportation. 

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and it is known to be full of delightful hotels, nightclubs and restaurants. However, most visitors who travel to Siem Reap are here for its scintillating ancient temples, not its city life. Irrespective of how tired you are, you always end up forcing yourself to visit the Angkor Archaeological Park to check out the breathtaking sunrise views that the place has to offer. Other things that are likely to grab your attention include the Cambodian Cultural Village, Bakong and Angkor Thom. 

Shanghai, China Shanghai, China

Shanghai is cool, edgy and confident. It represents the face of modern day China and its pulsating energy is known to infect everyone who steps foot into the city. There are all sorts of architectural wonders that you can check out in Shanghai, but there is no shortage of fantastic restaurants and fashionable nightclubs either. If you’re planning to enjoy a big city experience and add a dash of culture to your holidays, it really doesn’t get better than Shanghai. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires might have become popular as the birthplace of tango, but the city itself can be quite exciting, bustling and scintillating. Visiting Buenos Aires is all about experiencing its delightful neighborhoods, enjoying the beautiful architecture and visiting its beautiful parks and boulevards. Don’t forget to check out the exciting nightlife and make sure that you indulge in some retail therapy while in the city. 

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has always been popular as a travel destination, but it has only recently risen to the very top travel destinations in the world. This beautiful multicultural city is home to beautiful golden beaches and exciting vineyards, but it doesn’t have any shortage of modern day attractions either. The top things to do in Cape Town might include trips to the Garden Route, Lion Head, Boulder’s Beach, Table Mountain National Park and Company’s Gardens, but attractions like the District Six Museum, Robben Island, National Gallery, Long Street and Greenmarket Square also have a lot of history and culture on offer.

Vine Vera hopes that you enjoyed your travels in 2014 and we can’t wait to see where you are going in 2015. Have you visiting any of these place in 2014, or are you planning too in 2015? Let us know in the comments below!