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Weekend Getaway: Nonstop from San Francisco To The DC Area

Considering how much stress we go through on a daily basis, taking a weekend getaway can be a perfect way to unwind, especially after a particularly stressful week. If you live in San Francisco, you may think that taking a weekend trip to the DC area isn’t possible considering they’re across the country from each other, but you’d be surprised. You can actually get a lot done in just a few days. The following are some tips for making the trip happen as seamlessly as possible.

Book in Advance
Because of the distance, you’re going to want to fly rather than take a train or drive if you’re interested in only taking a weekend trip, and a nonstop flight will be the most convenient option. The distance between San Francisco and DC combined with it being a nonstop flight could result in it being more expensive, but booking in advance will likely result in flights that are cheaper than if you wait only until a week or so ahead.

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Book Your Hotel and Flight Together
The closer you stay to the center of Washington DC and all its landmarks, the more expensive it’s going to be if you book the hotel reservation on its own, and then when you add the nonstop flight on top of that, you’re going to be paying quite a bit of money. Book the hotel together with your flight and you’re probably going to see some pretty significant discounts especially if you stay outside the city limits, just make sure to check what the total you’re getting includes (taxes, fees, the correct dates, etc) before committing.

Take an Extra Day
When you’re taking a weekend trip to the DC area, it doesn’t have to mean just Saturday and Sunday, you can try to throw an extra day in there as well whether it’s Friday and/or Monday. You’ll allow yourself extra travel time and leave yourself enough room to visit some of the landmarks you want to see without worrying about having to cram it all into just two days.

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Get Your Plans in Order
Speaking of landmarks, it’s important to get your plans in order for where you want to go and what you want to see. Make a list of the ones that are most important to you, such as the Lincoln Memorial and the National Air and Space Museum, and plan when you want to go. It’s also best if you get your tickets and make your reservations online ahead of time, including for restaurants, so you’ll be able to get as much done as possible. However, just make sure you don’t overload yourself with plans, otherwise it’s going to stress you out rather than relax you.

When you’re going nonstop from San Francisco to the DC area, planning as far in advance as possible is the best thing you can do if you want to increase the chances of having a fantastic, relaxing, and successful trip. Washington DC is a pedestrian-friendly city with several public transportation options, so don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes so you’ll be able to get around easily.