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Now that the colder weather is upon us, it's time to start putting on the skis and hitting the slopes, but with so many fantastic places to go across the United States, how are you supposed to know which one

As you can probably imagine, pioneers more than 100 years ago didn't have it easy, and the Oregon National Historic Trail is a piece of history and an homage to what so many had to go through to find a

The Fort Vancouver National Historic Site offers incredible scenery with a rich history. It consists of four different sites: the Pearson Air Museum, (reconstructed) Hudson's Bay Company's Fort Vancouver, the McLoughlin House, and the U.S. Army's Vancouver Barracks. While the

Featured Image Credit: f8grapher /  If you're thinking of traveling to Tijuana, Mexico, it's going to require some effort and quite a bit of time, but the trip can definitely be worth it. There are several ways to get there, however, each is

Located in Southern California, the Joshua Tree National Park is over 794,000-acres, and while it was declared a national monument in August 1936, it wasn't until Halloween in 1994 when it was deemed a national park. It's comprised of two

Located in California, the San Andreas Fault stretches approximately 800-miles right through the state and consists of three parts. It's essentially the boundary between the North American and Pacific tectonic plates. Earthquakes here have happened before – most notably the

You've probably heard of Coachella, but have you heard of Coachella Valley? It's located in Southern California and regardless of your interests, it offers something for everyone. This desert valley with a population of over 443,000 is an interesting place, so