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Summer music festival season is officially underway which means it's a chance to listen to some incredible music, travel, meet new friends, and sports festival fashion. If you already have a bucket list of summer music festivals you want to

From the culture and the people to the music and the natural beauty, there's so much to love about Cuba. It's no surprise that you would want to experience the country first-hand. However, as with every trip that requires international

If you're looking to spend the day in a vibrant city in New Jersey, then Jersey City is one spot you want to check out. It's easy to get around even if you're taking public transportation, and there's a little

You've probably heard of Coachella, but have you heard of Coachella Valley? It's located in Southern California and regardless of your interests, it offers something for everyone. This desert valley with a population of over 443,000 is an interesting place, so