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Cruising to Cuba

From the culture and the people to the music and the natural beauty, there’s so much to love about Cuba. It’s no surprise that you would want to experience the country first-hand. However, as with every trip that requires international planning, you’re going to want to take your time putting together a trip that not only allows you to experience as much of the country as possible but that also ensures you’re doing so properly. With that said, if you’re thinking of taking a cruise to Cuba, the following are some tips for planning your trip regardless of where you are in the world.

Know What the Laws Are
Every country has their own laws, and if you’re traveling there, it’s a must to respect them. It’s no different with Cuba. Not only do you have to follow their laws for being allowed into the country but also respect the laws while you’re there. Check up on what you’ll need to get into the country and don’t hesitate to read up on local laws before you even book your trip.

Don’t Do Anything Illegal
It should go without saying, but don’t do anything illegal while you’re on the cruise and while you’re in Cuba. Seriously, just don’t. For example, before you pack your bags, read up on what you’re allowed to bring in the county and what you can’t. Not only is doing something illegal disrespectful to the country and the people, but you’re going to be in a whole world of trouble should you get caught.

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Research the Cruise Line
Even if you’ve heard good things about a particular cruise line, do your research anyway. Look into recent reviews, see what recent customers have been saying, and check into news that mentions them. It may sound excessive, but it can help you plan a trip that goes as smoothly as possible.

Determine the Basics
When you’re getting ready to take a cruise to Cuba, there are a few decisions you’re going to have to make. For example, how much can you afford to spend, when do you want to go, how long do you want to go, would you rather be on a cruise with a lot of travelers or a small amount? Before you even start searching for cruises, those are just some of the questions you should have answers to.

Talk to Your Bank
Your debit and credit cards may not work during your trip to Cuba, so it’s best if you plan on bringing cash instead and exchange it for Cuban currency. If you’d rather take the chance and try bringing your cards – even though you should absolutely bring cash as well – notify your bank of your trip. However long your trip is, make sure you have enough money to get you through.

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Be Open-Minded
Cuba is an absolutely amazing country and it’s well worth the visit, so be open-minded! Listen to music you haven’t heard before, try local cuisine you’ve never had, talk to some of the fabulous locals, etc. You’re not just going to take a cruise but to experience the country, so make the most of it!

Even if you’ve taken a cruise to Cuba before, note that the laws may have changed since then, so make sure you do your research before booking your trip. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that what once was still is.