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Fashion Around the World

As exciting as it is to take a vacation, it can also be rather stressful, especially when it comes to packing. You want to make sure you have everything you need, that you don’t leave anything behind, and that what you’re wearing while you’re away is going to allow you to be comfortable while still reflecting your style. Let’s talk about just some of the many fabulous destinations from around the globe and what you might want to consider packing for each one.

This capital of Denmark offers so much to see and do, and with their casual-yet-stylish vibe to clothing, you have plenty of options to consider. However, the weather can be rather unpredictable so with those factors there are certain things you’ll want to throw in your bag. A pair of jeans is a must along with a lightweight, waterproof jacket. A travel umbrella in addition to a versatile scarf can also be useful.

Costa Rica
Onto another wonderful destination where you can typically keep it casual when it comes to clothing. What you wear depends on what you’re doing, of course. For example, you’re going to want to switch out flip flops for sneakers if you’re having an adventure that involves a lot of walking. However, for everyday wear, comfortable sundresses and flip flops—both super-casual and on the formal side—can serve you well. Bring a light cardigan, and if you’re going to the beach, don’t forget a couple of bathing suits.

vine vera banner presents Fashion Around the World

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The City of Light is another location where you’re going to want to bring an umbrella and a lightweight jacket as well as a few scarves in case of a shift in temperatures and weather and just for fashion purposes in general. Some of the clothing options you’ll want to bring to fit in with the chic and elegant style include dark skinny jeans, ballet flats, and a dress. Opt for clothing that is tailored well.

Headed to Tokyo? The innovative and trendsetting city allows for a substantial amount of walking around, but keep in mind that you’re going to find yourself taking off your shoes quite a bit, even at some businesses. Boots can work well as long as you can get them on and off with ease. Opt for clothing that’s neat, properly tailored, and stylish but comfortable such as layering pieces like a sweater, t-shirt, and a jacket.

One item you’ll want to bring with you anywhere you travel is a pair of sunglasses. Not only can they add an extra touch of style to any outfit you’re wearing, but they can also protect your eyes wherever your travel itinerary takes you.

Lastly, wherever you’re traveling in the world, try and make it a point to not dress like a tourist. It’s more than just about fashion; it’s also about safety. When you dress like a tourist, you might become a target for scam artists who are looking to take advantage of those visiting their city. Dressing like a local rather than inadvertently standing out could make a pretty big difference.