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vine vera Keep Your Meds Safe While You Travel

Keep Your Meds Safe While You Travel

One concern that many have while they’re traveling is how they’re going to keep their medicine safe. Traveling can be overwhelming enough without having to worry that something is going to happen to the important items that you need. Before you pack your bags, the following are some tips to consider for keeping your meds safe while you travel.

Keep Them in Their Original Packaging
While traveling, it’s important that meds are properly labeled. Additionally, medicines are put in containers that are typically child-resistant, not to mention they have the directions and doctor’s info on the label just in case it’s needed. This can also help ensure that the medicines don’t get mixed up or accidentally misplaced such as what might happen if they’re just in a clear baggie.

Keep the Medicine in Your Carry-On
When you’re traveling with medicines, you don’t want to let them out of your sight, so put them in your carry-on. Not only will you be able to know where they are at all times, but they won’t be subject to various temperature changes. Also, just in case you need them, you’ll have them on hand.

vine vera Keep Your Meds Safe While You Travel

Be Careful Where You Store Them
Medications usually have to be stored in a cool, dry place, and that doesn’t include near a window, in a glove compartment, in a medicine cabinet, etc. Put them in a hidden storage spot in your room where they’re in good temperature conditions but not easy to get a hold of by others.

Don’t Openly Discuss Your Medicines
Unfortunately, there are those who might want to steal your medications if they hear you’re traveling with them, so don’t openly discuss that you have them with you unless you have to, such as if you’re speaking to a doctor while you’re on your trip. Even if you have to discuss them with your traveling companion, keep the convo low key.

Take a Doctor’s Note
Just as a precaution, ask your doctor(s) to write you a note explaining what the medication is that you have, the dosage, and why you’re on it. Make a copy of it and leave it at home as well. Should you ever need it, at least you’ll have it on hand. Should you have any questions regarding your medications, ask when you call for the note as it’s a good opportunity to express them to your doctor so you can get the answers you need before you leave.

Carry a List in Your Wallet
Carry a list of the meds and their dosages, as well as any allergies you have, in your wallet just in case. If there should ever be an emergency where you’re not able to express or remember the medications that you’re on and the dosages and those meds aren’t on hand, a list that details all that information will help out the medical professionals.

Taking a trip can be a bit hectic and chaotic which could mean you might miss taking your medications on time, but to prevent that from happening, set a reminder (and a backup reminder) on your phone just in case.