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vine vera banner presents September in the City: Choosing a Vacation Destination

September in the City: Choosing a Vacation Destination

September is a pretty big transition month. School is back in session, the holidays are coming up quick, and it’s almost fall. With all that means that summer is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that there are not still plenty of fun events to attend. In cities across the United States from coast-to-coast there are events involving food, music, and more so there’s certainly something for everyone. With that said, let’s talk about how to decide which city to head to in September as well as some events that may be of interest to you.

Check Your Budget
Your budget obviously has a lot to do with where you can go in September. It’s not just about figuring out how much it’s going to cost you to get there and for accommodations but also to get into the event itself. It’s a good thing there are a multitude of events, such as the Chicago Jazz Festival, that offer free admission. Wherever you go, extras, of course, such as food and souvenirs will likely require some cash. Speaking of which, make sure to factor all those extras into your budget so they don’t catch you off guard while you’re already on your trip.

Consider Your Available Time
How much free time you have is also another important factor when you’re deciding which city to go to in September, especially considering you also have to take travel to/from into consideration. You’ll have to ask yourself questions like how long will I have off from work? Is the event one day or several? For example, Electric Zoo takes place from September 1 – 3 in New York City, so if you already have a 4-day weekend, you might not even have to take off work and you still have an extra day to relax before returning to your job.

vine vera banner presents September in the City: Choosing a Vacation Destination

Consider the Overall Activities
If the September event you’re considering going to is just one or two days, it’s up to you to decide if you’re good with traveling just to go to that event or if you want to spend some additional time doing other activities in the city as well. It could be a good opportunity to take a much-deserved vacation and enjoy some time away from the daily hustle and bustle.

Think About Family and Friends
Are there family and friends who don’t live near you that you haven’t seen in awhile? Attending a September event could be a good chance to travel and see them as well. For example, Miami Spice takes place the entire months of August and September, so not only is it a good chance to enjoy some incredible food, but you can travel any time that’s convenient for you rather than having to worry about going a specific day or two.

You can probably use a vacation, right? You don’t have to wait any longer! It’s time to decide which city you’re heading to in September so you can have a little fun and do something special for yourself.