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Citrus Holidays to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Skin – Vine Vera Reviews

When was the last time you had a glass of that fresh, yummy and tantalizing stuff we call orange juice? Ever dreamt of tasting what orange juice from the freshest of oranges tastes like? Ever wondered how beautiful it would be to wander around orange groves and eating the freshest oranges in the world? If you’re a citrus lover, a citrus holiday is something that you really need to try once in your lifetime. And luckily for all you guys in the US, there’s one spectacular citrus-fuelled holiday just waiting for you in the state of Florida.

Two kids plucking oranges in an orange grove

Spend Some Time with Oranges
We love to have that glass of orange juice each morning. But have you ever wondered where that OJ comes from? It could easily be possible that the OJ that finds its way into your tummy each morning originates from one of the many orange groves in Florida. The citrus farmers in the state are super proud of the massive contribution they make to the country, and are entirely dedicated to offering unparalleled hospitality to visitors who want to try out something different by embarking on a citrus themed vacation.

Webb’s Candy Shop
Webb’s Candy Shop may not be a citrus grove, but it enjoys an equally unique appeal through its famous citrus candy which has been created using a persona recipe of Mr. and Mrs. Webb. Those looking for something else can also try out their hand-dipped chocolates, goat’s milk fudge, exotic regional wines, citrus wines and the freshest of vegetables.

Woman plucking oranges in a citrus grove.

Ridge Island Groves of Polk County
If you’re searching for a truly authentic OJ experience, Central Florida is where you need to be. Polk County is known to be one of the largest citrus producers in the US and is full of all sorts of citrus groves, some also known for their unparalleled travel experiences. Ridge Island Groves is a family-owned business that has been involved in citrus production for more than 20 years. It is also known to offer a truly special experience during springtime. It lets you delight your senses to the fragrance of orange blossoms in full bloom, and is the perfect venue to understand how the finest citrus fruits are produced. Some of the top things to do  include picking your own fruits directly from the groves, enjoying samples of freshly squeezed OJ and shopping for farm delicacies such as jellies, honey and marmalade. It really doesn’t get more special!

Sun Country Groves and The Taste of Florida Café
If you’re still wondering what authentic grapefruit pies taste like, you’ve really missed out on one of the most special experiences of your life. Visit the Taste of Florida Café located in the Sun County Groves to try out that award-winning grapefruit pie, considered to be one of the best of its kind in the US. This signature dish rose to fame after being featured on Food Network and it has been entirely created using the founder’s personal recipe.

Couple buying fruits

Davidson of Dundee
Davidson of Dundee emerged as one of the top citrus growers in the early 1900s and became popular for their tangerine, orange and grapefruit groves located close to Dundee. Today, the brand has evolved into a number of specialties and also offers visitors a choice of fresh jellies, marmalades, chocolates and coconut patties. Their citrus candies are sure to rank among the tastiest ones that you’ll ever have.

Florida’s Natural Growers Grove House
Florida’s Natural Growers Grove House is another destination worth checking out. It presents a historical representative of your favorite fruit – the mighty OJ – and offers delicious samples as well. The highlight of the venue is that video tour that takes you through the entire juice squeezing process.

When to Visit
The ideal time to visit the groves in the area is between the months of October – April. Since most citrus-themed attractions are seasonal in nature, you really don’t have a choice do you?