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Location. It’s integral to just about everything we do. We find things like travel, visiting new locales or settling down in new cities extremely exciting, but sadly our skin doesn’t share that excitement. We often end up discovering that our

If you’re still searching for the perfect destination to visit this 4th of July, how about considering the following recommendations? From catching fireworks at the Fisherman’s Wharf to having a blast in Sin City, from the musical festivals of Millennium

When was the last time you had a glass of that fresh, yummy and tantalizing stuff we call orange juice? Ever dreamt of tasting what orange juice from the freshest of oranges tastes like? Ever wondered how beautiful it would

You often come across men with sleek and sexy suitcases breezing through airport security and wonder how they manage to travel on a multi-week vacation with nothing but a 20-inch suitcase and a broad smile. Vine Vera helps you discover

Men traveling all alone enjoy a number of benefits of solo travel, but also come across some challenges. Most of the travel advice for solo travelers cater to women travelers, but men also face all sorts of obstacles and complex

The impact that social media has been having on where and why we go for our destinations is undeniable. With people completely getting absorbed by the selfie revolution, gone are the days when the climate, local delights and atmosphere took

The summer season kick-starts months of traveling with people preferring to spend their time exploring popular destinations all over the world. Traditionally, summers have also been famous for frequent airline delays. You’re probably all too aware of the airports that

Breathtaking beaches. Serene old-world towns. Meandering biking lanes. World famous shacks. Non-stop partying. Endless sunshine. Happy people. That’s just what summertime vacations are all about. Whether you prefer to sleep in the laps of Mother Nature or excite your senses

Choosing the best wine regions is like choosing the best art destinations around the world. Each region has its unique style and character, and each destination offers something entirely different than the other. No matter how many vineyard tours you