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Most Resveratrol Rich Places Around the World – Vine Vera Reviews

Choosing the best wine regions is like choosing the best art destinations around the world. Each region has its unique style and character, and each destination offers something entirely different than the other. No matter how many vineyard tours you go for, visiting a new wine region always promises an unforgettable experience. Vine Vera fills this list of the most resveratrol-rich places around the world with wine regions that have not only managed to stand the test of time, but have also set the bar in terms of the wine-making techniques used, the styles of wine created and the experiences offered. We certainly haven’t managed to highlight each region that deserves your attention, but the following ones always make sure that you get to grab a glass and have a blast.

Barossa Valley, Australia

Barossa Valley, Australia
Australian wines have become famous for kicking your teeth and punching your face with their flavor. Australian winemakers continue to push the bar in terms of the amount of flavor that can be packed in a bottle, without making the wines lose their balance. This makes Australian wines a perfect option for those who love fruit-forward wines that offer an intense flavor. And the best place to try out such wines is Barossa Valley, one of the best wine regions in the continent. Vine Vera recommends you to try a Shiraz or Grenache while visiting the Barossa Valley.

Beautiful vineyard in Spain.

Ribera del Duero, Spain
The rocky terrains of Ribera del Duero are located along the Duero River on the northern plateaus of Spain. These terrains are famous for their breathtaking natural beauty, but they are even more popular as home to the grape that gives birth to some of the most expensive wines in the world, the Vega Sicilia. The Tempranillo grape that is grown here can produce exquisite Cabernets that always offer some of the best wine drinking experiences. And when you have world famous vineyards such as Pago de Carraovejas and Pesquera to explore, it really doesn’t get better than this.

The Saint Emilion Vineyard in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux, France
No other wine region on the planet has managed to hold such an influence as Bordeaux. This region is famous for creating just about everything – from exotic vintages that usually end up accompanying celebrity meals to excellent wines that are perfect for your daily drinking. Bordeaux wines have truly set the standard in terms of tasting profiles and flavor. The region is dominated by two separate rivers – Dordogne and Garonne – and this means that the options and flavor profiles are endless. Merlot is by far the best wine to come out of the Bordeaux region, but there are other options available as well. Chateau Ausone and Petrus rank among the top Bordeaux wines.

Tuscany landscape

Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany has been producing some of the most consistent and recognizable wines in the world for quite some time. The area is mostly popular for its red wine varietals such as Chianti Classico, Carmignano, Super Tuscans and Brunello and each bottle of wine that comes out of the region gives you insights into the passion, dedication and hard work that went behind its creation. What makes Tuscany wines stand out is their richness and texture.

The Mosel Region in Germany.

Mosel, Germany
The Ruwer and Saar rivers cut through dramatic and tantalizing landscapes in order to create a jaw-dropping backdrop that is responsible for producing some of the best and most complex wines in the world. The Riesling grape dominates wine production in the area, and the Mosel Rieslings were known to rule the world before Bordeaux wines emerged as the new world rulers. The Riesling wines owe their flavor to the south-facing slopes which make it possible for the grapes to gather as much sunlight as possible in order to gain a deep minerality from the rich soil.