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Shiraz Wine Travel Guide – Vine Vera Reviews

Beautiful sunset view of a bunch of grapes in a vineyard.

Here at Vine Vera, we take wine seriously. It’s a large part of our livelihood as a company, due to the fact that we incorporate wine and grape based Resveratrol into our line of exclusive products. It only makes sense that we would bring you an entertaining read on some of the best Shiraz wineries. We scoured the internet to find this information, looking for top rated wineries that produce one of the finest, most enjoyable wines known to man – or woman- kind. Shiraz, crafted from Syrah grapes which were originally grown in France, has become a widely popular wine for many average wine consumers worldwide, wine connoisseurs alike. Some of the finest Shiraz vineyards around the world are located in Australia, with over 2,400 wineries and 30 million glasses of Australian wine consumed every day internationally. It’s no wonder Australia has earned its spot as one of the top Shiraz wineries on Vine Vera’s list.

Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River, Western Australia
The Leeuwin Estate, located at the Margaret River in Western Australia, boasts some of the finest Shiraz wine varieties available, and exports to over 30 countries worldwide. Leewin Estates got its name by not only providing excellent wine to the world, but by offering artistic, beautiful labels on their wine bottles, making their wine experience not only delectable for the palate, but also visually appealing as well. With all of the experience Leeuwin Estate has gained since crafting its first bottle of wine back in 1979, they have been consecutive award winners for their wines for many years in a row, in various categories. They offer tours of their wine cellars daily, and of course no tour would be complete without one of their taste tests.

Voyager Estate, Margaret River, Western Australia
The Voyager Estate, also located at the Margaret River in Western Australia, boasts some of the best soils and climates for producing Syrah grapes – which are used for Shiraz winemaking. This luxurious estate boasts beautiful scenery, a restaurant, and offers taste tests daily. Voyager takes pride in boasting the country’s largest underground barrel cellar. Tours of the Voyager Estate include an open air bus tour, spectacular views, cathedral ceilings within the buildings, antique furniture, and luxe chandeliers. This is truly an experience no wine fanatic would want to miss. The Voyager Estate also offers a seasonal menu which is derived from locally grown produce.

Jacobs Creek, Barossa Valley, South Australia
Jacobs Creek is home to the most famous wine region in all of Australia, known as Barossa Valley. Jacobs Creek has its many varieties of wine, sold by its own name, and is known worldwide. Their main focus is Shiraz wine, however this winery also produces other brands such as Sauvignon, Reisling, and Cabernet, among others. With a picturesque scenery and rolling hills, and prides itself on being a sustainable facility that is big on flavor, yet easy on the environment. Energy conservation is of the utmost importance to Jacobs Creek. Tours and taste tests are available, and they also offer culinary classes – as well as picnics on the lawn of the estate.

These top three Australian wineries were hard to choose, but we at Vine Vera believe these three locations have succeeded in surpassing quality, beauty, nature, and the overall spirit of Shiraz wine. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed our take on some of the finest Shiraz wineries in the world.