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Vine Vera Reviews the Best Wine Bars in New York

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Wine bars have become somewhat of an obsession in New York. Things like craft beer and haute cocktails might have become more popular in recent years, but wine lovers haven’t forgotten to enjoy their glass of wine every once in a while. Instead of retreating into the cellars with shame, the New York wine has reinvented and rejuvenated itself in its many wine bars with the help of innovative lists that truly transform your wine drinking experience. In this article, Vine Vera reviews some of the best wine bars in New York. Each wine bar in this list has been selected from your list of favorites and each of these bars can actually offer you with a wine drinking experience like no other.

ABV, 97th Street

ABV presents its patrons with a delightful menu that features eccentric touches like an all-European beer list and exotic dishes that have been crafted by Chef Corey Cova. This delightful wine bar has more than 50 wines that have been categorized using friendly and easy-to-understand labels. ABV usually tries to concentrate on offbeat wine producers and it is particularly famous for its Continental brews as well as classics like the Evil Twin Hop Flood and Kulmbacher Pilsner.

Kaia Wine Bar, Third Ave.

There was a time when Upper East Side was one of the last destinations to be associated with wine. However, things began to change when the Kaia Wine Bar opened its doors on Third Avenue and offered its patrons with a rarified blend that combined casual wine drinking to New York’s burgeoning nightlife. The Kaia Wine Bar menu is mostly dominated by New World wines and it also features exciting blends from South African producers. The Little K, a Shiraz-blend that offers notes of cherry and plum are among the most popular wines at the Kaia Wine Bar. The 2010 Haute Cabriere, an exquisite Chardonnay from South Africa, is an ideal option for anyone looking for some subtle sweetness in their wines.

Terrior, Murray Hill

Terrior has been extremely popular in New York’s wine scene. It has multiple outlets in New York, but the one on Murray Hill is believed to be preferred by its patrons. The idea of an outdoor wine bar that is located on a former elevated freight railroad really sounds impressive and Terrior has actually transformed into one of the top tourist attractions on the west side of Manhattan. The wine bar retains the formula that made its Tribeca and East Village outlets so popular – rock and roll music, wines on the tap, energetic staff and an exquisite beverage list. The wine bar also has exciting nibbles like the Sage-wrapped lamb sausages and the Veal-and-ricotta meatballs.

I Trulli, 27th Street

I Trulli offers you an award-winning Italian wine menu. It is a cozy wine bar that features marble-top tables. The wine bar is also located besides the Italian restaurant I Trulli. Patrons are offered a selection of 100 wines from all sorts of Italian producers and it is also possible to sample the wines by variety or by the regions. 

Buvette, Grove St.

Buvette is an intimate Gallic-themed wine bar that is headed by Chef Jody Williams and is full of teapots, silver trays and picnic baskets. The wines found here have been chosen not only for their drinkability, but also for their aesthetics. The wine list at the Buvette is limited to wines from Italy and France and some of the most popular wines found here include Whispering Angel from Chateau d’Esclans and the delicious fluffy brandade.

Ten Bells, Broome Street

Ten Bells has been named after a bar in London that came into the spotlight as the place where Jack the Ripper chose his victims. This wine bar has a perfectly curated selection of wines and features a large menu that is inspired by European cheese menus. Try to visit Ten Bells between 5PM – 7PM to enjoy its oyster happy hour specials. 

Did Vine Vera miss out on mentioning your favorite wine bar in New York in this list? Let us know using the comments box below.